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3 reasons for adding STX, KANG, FIL to crypto portfolio

3 reasons for adding STX, KANG, FIL to crypto portfolio
3 reasons for adding STX, KANG, FIL to crypto portfolio

For top crypto investors who are constantly watching the market as it unfolds, finding a token that will guarantee high ROI in the short and long term is the goal. As a result, this article will explore the three reasons top crypto traders and investors are adding Stacks (STX), Filecoin(FIL), and Kangamoon (KANG) to their crypto portfolio. 3 reasons for adding STX, KANG, FIL to crypto portfolio.

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3 reasons for adding STX, KANG, FIL to crypto portfolio. Stacks (STX) – Enabling Smart Contracts And Decentralized Applications Through Bitcoin

Stack (STX) is a decentralized network enabling the development of smart contracts and decentralized applications using Bitcoin as an asset. It leverages the computing power of Bitcoin to settle transactions and uses clarity programming language for safe and decidable contracts. As a result, investors see Stacks as a suitable alternative to Bitcoin.

The top three reasons Investors are choosing Stacks are faster transactions, scalability, and a proven team of developers. With the stack team dedicated to exploiting Bitcoin weaknesses by providing speedy transactions and scalability, the token is set for continued bullish momentum. The token is currently in an uptrend, with experts predicting that it will trade above $1 before the end of September.

Filecoin (FIL) – A Decentralized Data Storage System

Filecoin is a peer-to-peer storage network that allows the storage of precious information in the form of data. It aims to revolutionize the digital storage system by decentralizing data storage using the proof-of-replication consensus mechanism. Investors are attracted to Filecoin because of the following reasons.

First, its ability to allow users to store data in a secure and decentralized manner.Second, Filecoinhas a dedicated team of developers who are committed to the realization of the ecosystem as the go-to data storage platform.

Finally, Filecoin has a reward mechanism where users who store their data on the platform are incentivized with the FIL token. The FIL token has gained 2% in the last few days. Top crypto Forecast platform, Ambcrypto predicts it will trade above $6 before the year's end.

Kangamoon (KANG) – Monetizing Blockchain Gaming For Players

Stacks and Filecoin use cases have attracted investors but recently their influence has decreased. Kangamoon is a meme coin that is developing a platform for meme coins enthusiasts and gamers to monetize their time while having fun. The platform allows players to create unique characters, engage in fights, and connect with their counterparts across the world.

By engaging and winning their adversaries in a boxing duel, players can earn virtual currency and in-game assets, which can be traded at the platform marketplace. Players will also have the opportunity to attend virtual events and accomplish difficult tasks for incentives.

In terms of security, Kangamoon has been audited by SolidProof to prove the reliability and safety of the platform. To enjoy all the benefits of the Kangamoon platform, purchase the native token KANG which is sold for $0.005.

With a potential to skyrocket by 22x at the end of presale and 35x when launched in crypto exchanges, Kangamoon represents a unique opportunity to break into the play-to-earn NFT games industry which is worth millions of dollars.

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