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Aptos Launcher Announces Partnership With Pontem Network

Decentralized launcher Aptos Launcher has announced a partnership with Pontem Network, the creator of the first production-ready wallet for the Aptos ecosystem. The partnership will allow Pontem Wallet users to explore the projects on the Aptos Launcher launchpad, giving them the opportunity to participate directly in token offerings, as well as join Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), directly from within the wallet.

It will provide an easy, seamless experience for users on the Aptos Network to easily take part in private sales and IDOs. The direct integration with Pontem Wallet will put Aptos Launcher and the projects featured in the launchpad in front of more than 30,000 customers using Pontem.

Powering Projects On Aptos

Aptos Launcher aims to be the largest decentralized launchpad in the Aptos ecosystem and has set up a structure to achieve this. The way the project is set up, there will initially be a tax model (7%) at the beginning. The proceeds from this will go towards marketing the project, facilitating buybacks/token burns, and a new innovative offering known as “Degen VC.”

Degen VC will operate using the funds that are generated from the tax which will go towards investing in early-stage projects. One of the barriers a lot of Web3 projects continue to face is not having adequate funding for their projects and Degen VC will work towards making fundraising easier for projects in the Aptos ecosystem. It will go towards funding developments and others for these early-stage projects, and the profits generated will be distributed among all Aptos Launcher stakers and holders.

The tax model is also not permanent on the Aptos Launcher. The token features a deflationary model that initially begins with a tax model. However, depending on the community and the outcome of a DAO vote, the tax percentage on the token can either be changed or eliminated completely. Additionally, only 4% of the total token supply is reserved for the team and advisors, with the majority going towards developing the ecosystem.

It is also a unique opportunity for investors to get in early on a token that will be launched with a low market cap. With an initial fully diluted valuation (FDV), it is one of the lowest offered by a project of this caliber. Aptos Launcher also offers a unique first-mover advantage on a blockchain that is very popular among large and small investors alike.

The Aptos Launcher mainnet launch is scheduled for Q4 2022. Applications are currently open for projects who want to launch on the launchpad following once it goes live on mainnet.

To learn more about Aptos Launcher, visit

About novel way of release on TGE and later release on aptos thereby making user comfortable to switch and catering to large userbase on Ethereum and thus bringing more users to Aptos ecosystem.

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