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B2Broker unveils integrating Match Trader into Its white label liquidity offering

B2Broker, a liquidity and technology provider, has announced its collaboration with the Match Trader platform, bringing a new white-label solution that will give brokers access to extensive functionality and immediate integration into the powerful B2Core platform.

This announcement follows B2Broker’s successful cTrader integration back in 2022, solidifying the company’s commitment to offering adjustable yet comprehensive options for clients.

Match Trader While Label Solution

The Match Trader White Label solution is a one-stop bundle that provides businesses with every essential technology needed so that they can offer traders a full Match Trader experience – from crypto payment processing through B2BinPay, to CRM system technologies offered via the B2Core platform, not forgetting access to Prime of Prime liquidity pool from B2Broker. The introduction of this offering is certain to excite businesses seeking innovative solutions at a reasonable price.

Match Trader white label not only gives clients unrestricted server support and 24/7 technical help from specialists in the industry but also provides each of its customers a personal account manager to give them comprehensive advice throughout their brokerage experience. On top of all that, the Match Trader package comes with complimentary training sessions, which allow staff members to get accustomed to the system quickly.

The Match Trader white label offers businesses reduced trading commissions and volume discounts. Best of all, the platform configuration is free and does not need any set-up fees; businesses just need to pay a minimal liquidity charge for the first three months. Furthermore, clients will be offered an additional grace period of one full calendar month plus the number of days since set-up in terms of monthly minimal connection and liquidity expenses!

Match Trader x B2Core Integration

The Match Trader white label solution enables swift integration of Match Trader with B2Core so that brokers can provide their clients with immediate access to accounts and platforms. Much like other platforms in the B2Core system, Match Trader offers users a seamless experience and high-quality services.

To begin margin trading using Match Trader on B2Core, you must first register a user account. Using this user account, you can manage all of your trading accounts from one place. After that, simply connect it to your Match Trader margin trading account, and you’re all set!

The B2Core’s Platforms tab has received an upgrade with the new Match Trader section.

Here, users can open both live or demo accounts to practice various trading techniques in a real-time environment. They can also easily deposit, withdraw, transfer, and make internal transfers all within the platform. Plus, there’s a convenient download button for a standalone Match Trader terminal, facilitating an immediate start-up.

More to Come

B2Broker’s integration with Match Trader makes it easy to offer a comprehensive platform to your customers. Together, these two provide a comprehensive suite of powerful tools for businesses looking to leverage the advantages of modern technology.

Match Trader will soon be connected to the Introducing Broker (IB) program, bringing B2Broker’s clients access to advanced tools in a reliable and user-friendly environment. This integration allows users of any size or complexity level to easily achieve their trading goals with complete access to all available options.

Integrating Match Trader with B2Core Mobile is in the works as well. This integration will allow brokers to give their customers the advantages of both platforms in a single, convenient application.

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