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Best meme coin investment: Pepe vs. Evil Pepe?

Best meme coin investment: Pepe vs. Evil Pepe?
Best meme coin investment: Pepe vs. Evil Pepe?

This week, the majority of the market has experienced positive growth, however, Pepe has been an exception. Over the past seven days, the meme coin has experienced a decline of 14.39%, while the broader market has seen gains.

Despite the market's optimism following Ripple's victory over the SEC, Pepe has failed to benefit from it and is now considered to be a dead investment.

On the other hand, Evil Pepe is gaining attention with a successful presale, reviving Pepe's past glory. As investors move on to other opportunities, Evil Pepe is attracting media and social media attention.

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Best meme coin investment: Pepe vs. Evil Pepe? Pepe is Past its Prime

To gain an understanding of Pepe's declining market relevance, it is necessary to examine the meme coin market as a whole. Meme coins have been incredibly popular and have rarely experienced a dull moment. However, individual meme coins tend to fade into obscurity rather quickly, even those that have transformed investors into crypto millionaires overnight. Established meme coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu are exceptions, but they have still lost a significant portion of their value over the last two years. The reality is that the individual performance of meme coins does not match the extravagant hype surrounding them. As a result, it is important to maintain a dynamic meme coin portfolio. A good strategy is to find meme coins when they are just emerging, but community support and social momentum are still crucial in such cases. This is due to the fact that most meme coins lack inherent value and instead rely heavily on speculative fervor and hype. Best meme coin investment: Pepe vs. Evil Pepe?

Pepe seven-day price overview, CoinMarketCap
Pepe seven-day price overview, CoinMarketCap

Meme coins such as Pepe are unlikely to experience significant long-term growth. Pepe has not been immune to this trend, as it has failed to make positive movements during the broader market bull cycle, suggesting it may have run out of steam.

Investors in Pepe may wish to consider selling their tokens in favor of newer meme coins, unless they are content with returns in the single or low double digits. Established meme coins like Pepe, Doge, and Shiba have already reached maturity and may find it challenging to expand their market caps in the future.

Investors are Diversifying into Evil Pepe

New meme coins like Evil Pepe have two strong competitive advantages.

  1. Low price: Being in the presale stage, Evil Pepe is still selling for a discounted price. That allows investors to get a low entry point into the project.

  2. Large room for growth: New cryptocurrencies benefit from low market caps. The bigger the market cap, the smaller the width for expansion. When compared to Pepe’s $589M market cap, Evil Pepe has a substantially low initial market cap.

Evil Pepe's initial market cap is intentionally set lower than most projects to provide early investors with high potential for returns. The presale will only be available for fourteen days from the launch, however, it is expected to end sooner due to the significant hype surrounding the coin. As of now, the amount raised is $186,661.09, with one $EVILPEPE selling for just $0.000333. The project's theme and content are designed to suit the taste of the meme coin community, with the potential to reach a market cap of 100M, resulting in around 50X returns for investors. The low initial market cap has driven the presale, and investors in the meme coin market understand that the crazier the theme and content, the greater the meme coin mania. "We all need a bit of an evil side to succeed in the meme coin game. Now embrace what your evil voice is telling you and buy Pepe Coin - the Evil version - in presale before DEX pump."

Still have 12 days left, but approaching 200k raised for #Presale #Evilpepe is looking forward to seeing you in our grasp. Join the sinister fun on our official Telegram at #Presale #EvilPepe #Ethereum #Memecoin #Pepe #PEPE2 #PEPEARMY — Evil Pepe (@evilpepe_token) July 21, 2023

Judging by these factors, Evil Pepe is an obvious alternative to Pepe this month.

Wall Street Memes Has Raised $16M Out of its $30M Target

Wall Street Memes is another meme coin to seize the attention of the meme coin community in July. The meme coin is launched by the meme community of the same name.

Here are the key factors that have helped the project win massive social media sentiments.

  • The Wall Street Memes community has been in existence much before the meme coin announcement. It has more than 1M followers from around the world.

  • Investors, traders, and business leaders including Elon Musk are not strangers to the community’s posts.

  • The community sold out its NFT collection Wall St. Bulls in half an hour.

If you’re looking for a meme coin that challenges the existing norms, WSM is a good choice.

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