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BlackFort Layer 1 Blockchain Is Live On Mainnet

BlackFort, a Layer-1 blockchain, launched its mainnet at the end of January 2023. After announcing on January 13, 2023, on its Twitter account that the mainnet was coming soon, BlackFort is now waiting for increasingly more crypto enthusiasts to join the community.

Bringing Innovation To A New Level

For BlackFort, innovation prevails. Therefore, the company has recently announced that its layer 1 blockchain mainnet has gone live. Chasing to provide and even redefine transparency, scalability, and speed, the company has developed a network that, since its launch, has already got close to 10,000 daily transactions.

Up until this moment, BlackFort has gathered over 60,000 delegators from over 180 countries, thus ensuring that the network is well-distributed.

With an average block time of 5 seconds, the BlackFort network has already reached over half a million validated blocks and more than 50,000 validated transactions. Also called BXN, the smartchain developed by BlackFort is POSA (Proof-of-Staked-Authority) driven. This way, BlackFort has ensured that it reduces energy consumption and eliminates the need for expensive and advanced hardware for validating blocks.

The main focus of BlackFort was and still is to provide a reliable and efficient platform for decentralization that makes itself remarkable thanks to its stability, scalability, and lowered energy consumption.

As a Layer 1 blockchain, a crypto project has to make sure that it provides good transaction speed, great scalability, as well as high security and efficiency. BlackFort, however, set its goals as high as it could to manage to deliver what it promised.

Thus, the company has made it in the top 10% of Certik audited crypto projects. Such an event is indeed an achievement for the company and assures crypto investors that not only is it safe to use BlackFort for their daily crypto-related activities but it is also recommended to do so.

An All-In-One Crypto Product

BlackFort has not only developed a layer 1 blockchain that has all the attributes needed for a top-tier network. Instead, the crypto company has also worked to develop a client-side Web 3 wallet app that comes up with surprisingly valuable features and will be launched soon.

The BlackFort wallet app was developed to focus on the client. Furthermore, the wallet provides remarkably high levels of security and privacy, also allowing users to store their digital assets offline and retain maximum safety.

With a user-friendly interface, the BlackFort wallet has a swap function that allows users to seamlessly exchange one cryptocurrency for another, offering investors a wide variety of digital assets to choose from.

About BlackFort

BlackFort is a crypto company launched in 2020. The team behind BlackFort has already built an incentivized community gathering tens of thousands of users around the 2 main products developed: a layer 1 blockchain and a client-side Web 3 wallet app.

The main things BlackFort focuses on are transparency, speed, and scalability. And this is why the company has worked hard to develop a blockchain that is EVM-compatible, fast, scalable, secure, and highly efficient.

These features make BlackFort an ideal platform for anyone looking to build a blockchain-based solution.

Learn More

If you want to learn more about the project and its products, check the BlackFort official website and follow the company on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Medium, YouTube, and Telegram.

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