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Boxwind partners with Exinity Group for easier digital asset market access.

Boxwind partners with Exinity Group for easier digital asset market access.
Boxwind partners with Exinity Group for easier digital asset market access.

London, UK, July 11th, 2023, Chainwire

Exinity Group, a global fintech company focused on enabling investors to succeed in digital markets, has announced a strategic, long-term partnership with Boxwind, a digital exchange platform for cryptocurrency traders. The partnership aims to revolutionize the digital asset trading landscape by providing ambitious individuals with investment opportunities and access to new asset classes across markets. By combining Boxwind's innovative asset trading technology with Exinity's world-class investing products, the partnership will enable a new generation of investors to achieve financial freedom and grow their wealth. Boxwind partners with Exinity Group for easier digital asset market access.

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Boxwind is a digital asset trading platform that offers easy onboarding, instant spot trading, and secure asset storage. It aims to redefine the way users trade, buy, hold, and invest in digital assets. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, Boxwind provides individuals with an opportunity to secure their financial future.

Exinity Group is a significant player in providing innovative trading and investing products. It has revolutionized access to economic opportunities in developing nations across Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. The group merges its proprietary trading platforms with original concepts to attract users seeking alternative financial solutions beyond traditional finance.

Exinity is a global wealth engine with decades of experience in trading and investment. It is the parent company of successful retail businesses, including Alpari International and ForexTime (FTXM). Alpari Group was founded in 1998, and through its pioneering MetaTrader platform, it rapidly expanded to hold a significant presence in the world's financial markets. In 2011, its sister brand FXTM joined, and together, Exinity's brands have become a force to be reckoned with in the online trading space. They are trusted by more than two million clients in 180 countries.

The integration of Exinity's proprietary technology with Boxwind's novel digital asset trading platform is designed to appeal to a new generation of customers seeking to explore alternative financial solutions beyond traditional products.

About Boxwind

Boxwind is a digital exchange platform that aims to transform the way users trade, purchase, and store cryptocurrency. Our platform offers convenient access to digital assets, empowering individuals on their path to financial independence.

About Exinity Group

Exinity Group is a global fintech company that aims to empower the next generation with the freedom to achieve their financial goals. Originally starting out as an FX brokerage, we have expanded our offerings to include a unique range of innovative trading and investing products. Our proprietary platforms and original concepts attract customers who seek financial independence but are not interested in traditional products.

Exinity is focused on serving the developing economies of Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. We have a highly motivated, customer-focused, and creative workforce operating out of four strategic centers.

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