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Brian D. Evans joins Animoca Mocaverse as a connector Moca, what this means

Serial entrepreneur and Web3 investor Brian D. Evans has joined the Mocaverse as a Connector Moca, which could further boost publicity and value for the yet-to-be-released non-fungible project.

Mocaverse announced this update on Twitter on January 19, noting Brian’s antecedents as a serial entrepreneur who has made a name for himself by being a first mover into many industries.

His ability to identify opportunities early has made him a pioneer of sorts for several industries ranging from digital marketing to Web3. Brian had founded many companies and invested in several others.

As a pioneer, he has built several companies, including a marketing company that made the top 25 Marketing & Advertising Agencies in the US on the Inc 500 list. Due to his involvement in several marketing projects and pioneering the influencer marketing movement, Forbes recognized him as a Top Digital Marketer.

However, Brian is even more active in the Web3 circle, where he has been investing, participating, advising, and evangelizing since 2016. He has published multiple Web3-related articles on Forbes, Rolling Stone, and Entrepreneur while also having started Influencive.

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His active involvement in the Web3 space currently involves being a member of the Affinity Collective, an exclusive web3 community made up of creators, builders, and investors with a vision for the future. He is also a member of the Cointelegraph Innovation Circle while running a boutique Web3 investment studio.

All these experiences make Brian a super-connector with a wide network in the web3 community and hence, the perfect person to become a connector Moca for Mocaverse. By joining Mocaverse, Brian will bring his passion as a connector to evangelize Animoca’s Mocaverse ethos and ensure the rapid growth of the ecosystem.

As the Animoca-backed project noted itself, Brian’s superpower “is finding, nurturing, and pioneering early opportunities by curating a well-connected network.”

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