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Bytrade giving away 7k tokens in 7 days to top traders.

Bytrade giving away 7k tokens in 7 days to top traders.
Bytrade giving away 7k tokens in 7 days to top traders.

ByTrade is excited to announce the launch of its Crypto Futures feature. To celebrate, they are hosting a campaign where traders have the chance to win up to 7,000 BTT coins in just 7 days. Additionally, the trader with the highest percentage profit in futures trading each day will be rewarded with 1,000 BTT coins. The campaign runs from July 24th to July 31st, providing traders with a limited-time opportunity to earn remarkable profits and rewards.

Participating is simple. To join the competition, users must follow a few easy steps. By sharing a screenshot of their percentage profits and tagging on Twitter, participants will be ready to compete for the daily rewards.

ByTrade invites all trading enthusiasts to experience the excitement of Crypto Futures and seize the opportunity to win the thrilling campaign. The ByTrade team will verify the screenshots submitted by participants to ensure accuracy in determining the rightful winner. Once the highest percentage profit is confirmed, the deserving trader will receive their well-deserved 1,000 BTT Coins. Bytrade giving away 7k tokens in 7 days to top traders.

Stay updated on ByTrade's social media spaces to not miss out on any exciting campaign developments.

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About ByTrade

ByTrade is a cryptocurrency exchange that is rapidly expanding and dedicated to providing a secure trading platform for digital asset enthusiasts worldwide. The company is passionate about innovation and committed to excellence, offering a comprehensive range of trading features and responsive customer support to ensure seamless trading experiences for all users. ByTrade is transparent in its operations and strives for excellence, empowering traders to achieve their financial goals.

Get Set, Trade, and Win!

ByTrade's Crypto Futures Campaign offers an exciting opportunity for traders to test their skills and expertise while earning rewards. With Futures Trading, users can enjoy an unparalleled trading experience and enhance their crypto journey. Join now to compete, earn, and amplify your trading journey with ByTrade.

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