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Carbon Trading and Offsetting Lacks Transparency – This Crypto Project Is Changing That

Impact Project is changing how blockchain technology is used to fight against climate change. And, with its IMPT token, investors can profit while supporting a good cause.

Understanding the Impact Project

The Impact Project is a new blockchain-based tool that facilitates carbon credit purchases and sales. It allows companies and individuals to seamlessly offset their carbon footprint while also allowing them to fund environmental sustainability projects worldwide.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, the Impact Project completely redefines how blockchain technology is used to fight against global warming. And with its IMPT token, the platform operates with optimal efficiency.

The Impact Project aims to address a major problem in the carbon credit market. While other industries have been driven to greater efficiency, the carbon credit landscape has remained stagnant. Currently, the landscape is beset by different inefficiencies, with an old and outdated system where states issue credits for use by companies.

Companies have discovered that handling these credits is more expensive, and the state-based issuance system is also prone to bureaucracy and inefficiency.

Liquidity is also an issue with the market. Companies are unable to trade their credits easily, and transparency needs to be improved in the market.

The Impact Project enables users to solve these problems and more. The platform incorporates non-fungible tokens (NFTs), allowing users to access the credits they need easily. Blockchain incorporation also makes the trading process faster, more transparent, and more efficient. And with the IMPT token, buyers can also invest in an asset with a reliable use case.

A Strong Affiliate Network

To help improve adoption, the Impact Project’s developers have signed deals with several companies to join its affiliate network. These companies are committing a portion of their revenues towards fighting climate change and partnering with the Impact project as their conduit.

At press time, there are over 25,000 companies in this network. These include big names like Amazon, Samsung, and Netflix.

Of the affiliates, 10,000 are retailers. The Impact Project rewards customers who shop with these eco-friendly companies, thus incentivizing other companies to come on board. Customers who shop via the IMPT platform or any of its affiliates will be able to earn rewards in IMPT as cash back.

The Perfect ESG Investment

The Impact Project’s native token is called IMPT. This asset powers its operations, facilitating carbon credit purchases and being used to reward eco-friendly shoppers.

As environmental, social, and governmental (ESG) investments become more prominent, IMPT is the premier option for anyone in the crypto space. IMPT is available on presale and has thus far raised over $13.2 million from investors. This shows a significant level of investor interest, with many people looking for ways to make gains while doing good for the environment.

The IMPT token presale is structured so that the asset’s price increases as each stage of the presale is completed. Currently, IMPT sells at $0.023, and its price will move to $0.028 in the next stage of the presale.

With such price gains, investors can earn returns before the asset lists on any centralized exchange.

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