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Chimpzee Presale in Final Phase - Last Chance to Buy Green Crypto Before Exchange Listings

Chimpzee Presale in Final Phase - Last Chance to Buy Green Crypto Before Exchange Listings
Chimpzee Presale in Final Phase - Last Chance to Buy Green Crypto Before Exchange Listings

The trending presale of the green crypto project Chimpzee has entered the final phase. There will be four stages (13-16) in the final phase, featuring a gradual price increase. Chimpzee Presale in Final Phase - Last Chance to Buy Green Crypto Before Exchange Listings

The presale presents the last opportunity for investors to grab the token for discounts and bonuses. For example, Chimpzee offers 4X bonus coins currently. It will any time.

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A wildlife conservation project with a twist

Chimpzee is a wildlife conservation cryptocurrency that brings crypto incentivization to the formula. It offers attractive sources of passive income to users who engage with its platforms and donates a share of its profits to various environmental causes related to wildlife conservation.

Wildlife conservation is intricately related to climate action. Forests around the world absorb a large share of the carbon emitted into the atmosphere. They mitigate the impact of our rising living standards, urbanization, and capitalism.

As we wipe out more forests and wildlife, the planet will be unable to cope up with the rising carbon emissions sustainably. That would lead to more obvious repercussions, making a repair strategy nearly impossible.

Even if the planet regenerates after that, human civilization will plunge to new lows.

This is where a project like Chimpzee comes into play. Combining the advanced potential of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, Chimpzee offers a sustainable solution to wildlife depletion.

Awareness + incentivization

Humans love short-term rewards. Maybe it has something to do with the life our ancestors led as hunters and gatherers. Back in the day, it didn’t make sense for us to make long-term plans due to the meteoric, short lives we had amidst a variety of different threats.

Our lives have changed rapidly over the last thousands of years, and especially in the last few hundred years. But our psychology still craves short-term rewards and disregards long-term threats.

As important as awareness programs are, we can't motivate everyone to become a part of climate action initiatives with just that.

Chimpzee believes that incentivization will do the job.

Three ways of earning, boosted by NFT passports

Chimpzee offers three ways of earning a passive, side income for those who are interested. They are integrated into the three pillars of the Chimpzee ecosystem.

  • Chimpzee Shop for branded merchandise: Shop-to-Earn

  • NFT Marketplace: Trade-to-Earn

  • Zero Tolerance Game: Play-to-Earn

If you want to boost your earnings from the platform, you could make use of Chimpzee NFT passports. They are key to receiving the biggest rewards and having the most benefits in the Chimpzee Ecosystem.

The NFT passports can be divided into four: Diamond, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Diamond NFT Passports offer the best rewards, bonuses, and benefits in the ecosystem. The NFTs also come with VIP Access, which enters you automatically into any whitelist event, airdrop, or special promotions.

When will Chimpzee begin its activities?

The project has been donating to various causes every time it hits a new presale milestone. For example, Chimpzee has been working with One Tree Planted to plant 1200 trees in the Acre region of Brazil and help restore the Brazilian rainforest. One Tree Planted joins forces with local communities and environmental organizations to create an impact on nature, people, and wildlife.

Chimpzee has also donated $15,000 to save one of the last herds of desert-adapted elephants, joining hands with WILD Foundation.

In another partnership with One Tree Planted, Chimpzee sponsored the planting of 20,000 trees to restore rainforests on the Southwest Coast of Guatemala.

In stark contrast to most crypto projects, Chimpzee is well ahead of its roadmap prior to the token launch. That strengthens the credibility of the project.

How to invest in Chimpzee?

You can invest in Chimpzee by buying CHMPZ tokens.

While CHMPZ is the native crypto of the platform used to fuel the reward and payment mechanism, Chimpzee NFT Passports give holders a wide range of benefits in the ecosystem.

Both these assets have value outside the Chimpzee ecosystem and will be bought and sold on open crypto exchanges for fiat and cryptocurrencies.

The CHMPZ presale, now in the final phase (BRONZE) is the best investment gateway to the project. In addition to offering the tokens for heavily discounted prices with attractive bonuses, it also gives whitelist access to the NFT sales, as shown below.

Deflationary tokenomics strengthens the growth potential

Chimpzee has implemented a token-burning mechanism to combat market volatility. It takes advantage of the inverse relationship shared by the price of an asset and its supply.

The supply of CHMPZ tokens is slashed from time to time to maintain and strengthen its value, even during broader market downturns. The project also has an NFT staking mechanism in place, which renders it a solid crypto investment.

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