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Chronocatz or Azuki? Which NFT Project Should You Go With?

Chronocatz aims to surpass the success of other NFT collections like Azuki in terms of popularity.

Since Azuki was introduced nine months ago, the collection of Japanese anime-themed artwork has gained popularity. Azuki has 300,000 Twitter followers and 10,000 NFTs that grant exclusive Garden membership. Web3 fans, artists, and builders can connect in this area of the internet and work together. Azuki owners have access to exclusive drops, experiences, and other things.

Chronocatz is a brand-new collection of 7,777 NFTs that showcases distinctive cats wearing luxurious watches, with the rarity of the watch being worn dictating how rare the NFT is. The Chronoly team, who recently debuted a decentralized trading platform for luxury watches, are the ones behind the launch of this latest NFT collection. The ability to trade fractional investments around-the-clock will increase market liquidity and attract a ton of new investors to the platform. This is an encouraging prospect for Chronocatz.

The Chronocatz project had a phase 1 private mint which sold out, and the public mint is now live. The public mint is to end in less than 18 days.

One of the Most Well-Known Names in NFTs Nowadays Is Azuki

Nine months after its inception, Azuki is still seeing high sales, with a weekly trade volume around the $500k level and a floor price of 10.4 ETH ($14,000) per piece. The collection initially included cartoon items with anime themes, but the most popular item lately has been a straightforward red bean. All holders of the 3-D bean have access to the Garden, a virtual space reserved for owners of the NFT. The overall sales volume for the Azuki brand on OpenSea has reached 263k Ethereum, or just under $500 million.

Azuki’s creator was reportedly raising $30 million in finance, according to current headlines.

This indicates that Chiru Labs will have a value of between $300 million and $400 million after the funding is closed. Back in March 2022, a rare Azuki NFT was sold for 420 ETH or more than $1 million at the time, a record for the collection.

Chronocatz: Potential to Transform or Challenge Azuki

An internal team of artists created Chronocatz NFTs, which show cats with more than 200 distinctive characteristics, such as hats, attire, eyes, and fur. The pricey watch each NFT is sporting is the secret to its rarity. On the Chronoly marketplace and ecosystem, the NFTs will have a tiered system of rewards with tiers ranging from 1 to 6. For instance, a tier 1 ultra-rare Chronocat will have 0% trading costs, first access to drops, and a 5% higher staking incentive.

The owners of Chronocatz will have exclusive access to one of the project’s unique features, the Chrono Wealth Club (CWC). Members of CWC will have early access to watch drops on the Chronoly marketplace, as well as discounts on trade and access to private auctions. Additionally, there will be a heavy focus on the community in the real world with parties, networking events, and products.

Collections like the Azuki rely on the interest of investors in art and the durability of its worth. The final collection of NFTs in the anime style consisted of some 2D images that were oriented sideways. Chroncatz is unique and features the likeness of a high-end watch. This is related to Chronoloy’s value proposition, which involves bringing secure investment assets on the blockchain.

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