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CoinTR Trading Carnival: Win $3000 Prizes!

CoinTR Trading Carnival: Win $3000 Prizes!
CoinTR Trading Carnival: Win $3000 Prizes!

CoinTR, a derivatives exchange, has launched four events to enhance its services and show appreciation for its users. From July 21 at 8:00 AM to July 31 at 8:00 AM (UTC), new users can receive up to $1500 Trial Fund and 10040 Doge by completing specific tasks. Additionally, both new and existing users can participate in the Trading Master Tournament, competing for the top prize of $3000.

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CoinTR Trading Carnival: Win $3000 Prizes! New Users Exclusive Event

1)Register&KYC to Win

Upon successful registration and KYC, you will receive a free $150 trial fund, $50 will be distributed for 3 consecutive days!

2)Deposit to Win

  • If you deposit $10 or more, you will be rewarded with 20 Doge. and you will receive an additional $150 trial fund. $50 will be distributed for 3 consecutive days!

  • If you deposit $50 or more crypto and hold it until the end of the event, Futures Trial Fund of equal amount will be cashed back to you, up to $1000!

3)Trade to Win

  • When your total trading volume exceeds $10, you will receive an additional 20 Doge reward!

  • For trading volumes exceeding $1000 (excluding trading with trial fund), you will receive $200 trial fund. $50 will be distributed for 4 consecutive days!

Regardless of a new or existing user, you can participate in the two event

1) Invite to Win

For each friend you invite to register on CoinTR and deposit $10 or more, you will receive a reward of 20 Doge. The maximum reward can go up to 10,000 Doge.

2)Trading Master Tournament

🕹️ Event 1: Futures ROI Ranking Race

During the event, your futures’s total ROI will determine your ranking. The top 20 users will be rewarded generously! Showcase your trading skills and profit ability to win big rewards!

Event Rule:

About CoinTR

CoinTR is a global exchange based in Turkiye, located in Maslak, the CBD of Istanbul. More than 100 products and operation experts from the world’s top blockchain companies. CoinTR focuses on providing users with the most secure and stable trading experience. In addition to providing diverse trading tools including Fiat deposit, spot trading, futures trading, copy trading, and earn. Additionally, CoinTR is committed to expanding its global reach through various resources while promoting the growth of local industries. Now CoinTR is ranked #30 on Coin Market Cap and CoinGecko.

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