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Crypto’s Most Sustainable Project C+Charge Starts Weekly Token Burns as Presale Raises $1.57 Million

Friday, February 24th, 2023 – Starting this week, C+Charge (CCHG), an EV charging solution powered by blockchain technology, has begun to burn all tokens that remain unsold during the current stage of their ongoing project presale.

Each of the eight presale stages lasts a week. The first burn took place on February 22nd at 6:10 PM +UTC and the transaction hash can be viewed here:

The burned tokens were from Stage 2 and totaled 35,658,291. There were 400m CCHG tokens made available for purchase at the outset of the presale, of a total supply of 1 billion.

The next burn – of 35,815,716 CCHG tokens from Stage 3 – will take place before the end of Stage 4, the current stage.

Burning is a method of removing tokens from circulating supply by transferring them to a dead address that can only receive tokens, not send them.

Investors in the project will welcome the burn program because it increases the value basis of the remaining coins.

The presale is divided into eight stages and is currently in Stage 4. Stages 2 to 8 each last one week.

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C+Charge presale Stage 4 has only 4 days to go – hurry to beat the next price rise

Stage 3 ended two days ago and as of the time of writing $1,572,496 has been raised.

The next price increase is only six days away. CCHG can currently be bought for $0.017 and increases to 0.018 in Stage 5.

Investors who bought in Stage 1 are already sitting on a nominal return of 30%. When the presale ends the return will have risen to 76.9%.

C+Charge is the perfect market fit in helping to mitigate the issues around climate change, so demand for the token is growing as its visibility increases.

Prospective buyers of the CCHG token will need to move fast to beat the next price rise on March 1.

Those who buy CCHG today in Stage 4 will be in line for nominal returns of 35% when the presale ends on March 29 (see table below).

Here is the full breakdown of the presale stages, the price for each stage, the number of tokens in each, the raise totals, the date when each stage ends and the number of tokens burnt:

The hard cap target of the presale is $6.85 million, slightly higher than the previous $6.6 million.

There is no vesting period for presale buyers.

Streamlining payments across EV charging networks

Through its partnership with Flowcarbon, EV owners will be able to earn carbon credits in the form of the Goodness Native Token (GNT) every time they charge.

One carbon credit permits the emission of 1 ton of a greenhouse gas.

GNT token represents a verified voluntary carbon credit backed by major venture capital firms a16z Crypto and Samsung Next, as well as fund manager Invesco.

In addition to democratizing carbon credits, C+Charge also solves the problem of the competing ways of measuring payments.

C+Charge provides a universal easy-to-access payment system that doesn’t require network managers to install expensive Point of Sale equipment – drivers simply use the CCHG token to pay.

It also provides EV drivers with a way of reliably finding stations that are up and running with no problems while providing fleet managers with a way of monitoring and in some cases remotely fixing issues with particular payment stations.

Benefits of the C+Charge app

  • Carbon-credit tracker

  • Seamless payment for multiple platform integration options

  • Geolocated easy-access charging stations finder

  • Real-time charger wait times

  • Charging station technical diagnosis

  • Earn CCHG rewards as part of the reflection program when making purchases using the app

  • Carbon credits can be turned into NFTs as part of the reflections program and stored in the app

Turbo-charging EV adoption and charging stations rollout globally

The way carbon credits are skewed towards big business is holding back EV adoption and the rollout of charging infrastructure.

Carbon credits are often used by large companies as a tax they are willing to pay to pollute.

Winners in the current carbon credit system are meant to be those that produce or use goods that allow less carbon to be used – but EV drivers are unfairly excluded.

The carbon credits industry will be worth $2.4 trillion by 2027, so opening up access to EV drivers will be a huge business – and of course, a big win for EV owners.

C+Charge is a future-proof use case for blockchain technology because climate change mitigation is, unfortunately a necessary investment theme for the foreseeable future.

Not surprisingly, therefore, this green project has already secured its first international partner, Perfect Solutions Turkey, adding 20% of the EV chargers in the country to the C+Charge network.

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