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Dacxi launches the ‘Dacxi Crypto Cup’ fantasy crypto competition.

Dacxi launches the ‘Dacxi Crypto Cup’ to give people the chance to prove their crypto-knowledge in a fantasy competition.

Global Crypto Wealth company, Dacxi, is bringing the world a thrilling new way to win with crypto, with the launch of the Dacxi Crypto Cup. The Dacxi Crypto Cup is an innovative spin on fantasy football, harnessing the infamous ups and downs of the crypto market to create a fun and fast-paced global competition. It’s a chance for crypto fans to put their skills to the ultimate test – and win up to $1000 USD in the process.

Starting 8 June 2022 and running for a total of ten action-packed weeks, the competition will see 40 coins take the field in eight five-a-side teams. There’ll be a new game each week, running from 12am Monday to 11.59pm Sunday GMT. Winners will be determined by the total aggregate increase (or loss) in the team’s value over the course of the week.

After seven pool-play match-ups, the top four performers move on to the semis, and the winners will battle it out in the grand finals for Dacxi Crypto Cup supremacy.

Fans can score up to $1000 USD.

Competitions are always more fun when you have some skin in the game. That’s why each round of the Dacxi Crypto Cup brings another chance to win a $100 USD spot prize. Plus, at the end of the competition some lucky fan will score the grand prize of $1000 USD – just for showing off their superior crypto smarts.

The teams and players.

Dacxi Crypto Cup teams are as evenly matched as possible. Each team fields a heavy hitting ‘Established’ coin, and two ‘Emerging’ coins hoping to prove themselves in the big leagues. The real thrill in the mix are each team’s two ‘Exciting’ coins – the new coins on the block with dynamic potential, who could send a team soaring to the top of the table, or could score a major own goal. In the ever-changing world of crypto, it could go either way – and it’s all part of the fun.

The teams will be managed on Twitter, with the captains for the week selected by a community poll. The captains are the crypto coin players who are expected to do the heavy lifting, and their score will be doubled (or halved if they lose value). Another vote will be taken each round to replace an under-performing coin in each team.

Dacxi Coin’s official Twitter is the Cup’s home ground

Regular updates on all the action can be found over at Dacxi’s official Twitter page. You’ll find full details of how to play, team info, and crypto-player cards.

So, which coin team – and which crypto fan – will reign supreme? Find out with the Dacxi Crypto Cup, starting 8 June 2022. The Dacxi Coin team will see you on the digital playing field.

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