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Damus pulled from Appstore, METAVERTU's dapp store invites it in

At the beginning of February, Damus, the decentralized version of Twitter, caused an uproar on the Internet. On February 1, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey tweeted that Damus was live on the Appstore. However, just two days after the launch, the Appstore in mainland China suddenly took it down.

Just when everyone was upset and shocked by this, we noticed that interesting dramas are still playing out on social media - an account called METAVERTU tweeted to hawk Damus to join their decentralized app store.

Damus is a decentralized social software based on the Nostr protocol. On Damus, one can register an account without any personal information, the social behavior of the account is not restricted by the platform, and the account belongs only to the owner of the public and private keys.

Last year, the luxury phone brand VERTU launched METAVERTU, which claims itself "the world's first Web3 phone" and has a decentralized app store called Metaspace where users can freely download and use dapps. Plus, this phone can create NFT and mining.

However, as the beneficiary and defender of centralization, Apple has always held an unfriendly attitude towards decentralization and cryptocurrencies. This is not the first time that the Appstore kicked off other software, such as Fortnite. The bottom line is that iPhone and traditional Android phones are "centralized institutions", and their essence is almost always for centralized apps and companies, making the emergence of Web3 phones a necessity.

It is known that currently Metaspace is vigorously inviting and developing excellent project parties in the Web3 field. Compared to Apple's hegemonic ruthlessness, VERTU has shown an extremely friendly gesture to the Web3.0 ecology. However, its price is a deterrent for most of us. Looking at the METAVERTU website, its price is incredibly high at $41,500.

Undoubtedly, those who can afford this phone are rich elites. This makes one think that if Damus actually joins METAVERTU's app store, the huge number of customers with wealth and prestige that VERTU already has will flow into Damus as well, which will open up a whole new pool of traffic for Damus. Therefore, it would be a true win-win for them.

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