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"Doge Price Up, BNB Grows, Everlodge Soars 80%"

"Doge Price Up, BNB Grows, Everlodge Soars 80%"
"Doge Price Up, BNB Grows, Everlodge Soars 80%"

The Dogecoin (DOGE) crypto is seeing a surge in activity as there are rumors surrounding its implementation on X. Moreover, Binance Coin (BNB) took a hit after BNB Chain announced the decommission of Wallet Direct. But an upcoming project in its presale stage is getting the most attention: Everlodge (ELDG).

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● Dogecoin projected to climb to a maximum point of value at $0.098 by the end of 2023

● BNB can climb to $307 by the end of the year

● Everlodge will climb by 30x at launch

"Doge Price Up, BNB Grows, Everlodge Soars 80%" Dogecoin (DOGE) To Surge In Value

Dogecoin (DOGE) as a cryptocurrency has experienced increased activity as of recently. During the overall market downward momentum, the Dogecoin crypto can soon surge based on analystsprojection. Fueled by the rumors surrounding its integration on top of the X platform, Dogecoin could soon become accumulated by a lot more whales. "Doge Price Up, BNB Grows, Everlodge Soars 80%"

Moreover, during the past week, the Dogecoin price stood between $0.060861 and $0.064477, signifying that $0.07 is its next price barrier. But analysts project that its price can go even further up, as according to the Dogecoin price prediction, it will surge to $0.098 by the end of 2023.

Binance Coin (BNB) Potential For Growth

As for the Binance Coin (BNB) cryptocurrency, analysts project that it can soon recover in value despite the recent slump. There have been updates to its network, which can serve as a catalyst for this growth. Moreover, BNB Chain decommissioned Wallet Direct.

However, added Age of Dino on top of opBNB. Here, we can see a high level of activity for the BNB crypto, which is also reflected in its price. During the past week, the price hovered between $206 and $218, indicating that $220 is the crypto's next price barrier.

But analysts project massive growth in the future, as according to the BNB price prediction, it can go up to $307 by the end of the year.

Everlodge (ELDG) Enables Fractional Investments In Luxury Properties

Many investors and traders globally want to enter the real estate market; however, traditionally, it has been difficult. From needing millions of dollars to lengthy documentation and licenses, getting access to a holiday home or other rental property can be tricky, time-consuming, and expensive.

Everlodge will completely change this by creating the first-ever on-chain marketplace enabling fractional ownership of properties.

Specifically, each property is minted as an NFT on top of the network. Moreover, all of the ownership details get recorded in the metadata. This ensures a high level of transparency and authenticity. Subsequently, it gets fractionalized, and investors can just buy a fraction starting with as little as $100 as a result.

They can also resell their share on secondary marketplaces, making the asset-class farm more liquid. ELDG is at the center of it all and trades at $0.018 during Stage 3 of the presale. The crypto will reach the next stage in the upcoming week and, at launch, is projected to surge by 30x.

Find Out More About The Everlodge (ELDG) Presale

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