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Haru Invest Launches 3rd Year Promo: Automate Crypto Trading

Trading cryptocurrencies is an excellent way to make money, but it can be quite challenging and tedious. Automated cryptocurrency trading can be one of your most efficient and reliable methods for trading cryptos, and it offers several benefits over manual trading.

What is automated crypto trading and how can it benefit you? Read on to learn more. But first, let’s quickly look at Haru Invest.

What Is Haru Invest?

Haru Invest is a digital asset management platform offering crypto deposit services and crypto investment products since 2019.

We generate and distribute stable earnings through high frequency algorithmic trading, unlike other CeFi platforms that are based on lending/borrowing models.

We have over $2 billion in total transaction volume with users from over 140 countries and have paid out earnings over 4.1 million times with zero security breaches.

To see our latest performance statistics please visit our blog.

3rd Year Campaign

Starting from 29 August 2022 to 08 September 2022, we are offering additional 3% on your earn rates when you lock up for 90 days or more.

Wait, there’s more: Share your history with Haru Invest on Twitter to win $100 in BTC and complete our survey to win $100 in USDT

What Is Automated Crypto Trading?

With automated cryptocurrency trading, you can use software or services to trade cryptocurrencies for you. There are various platforms out there, and each has its own bot with different features, so you can choose which one works best for you.

Cryptocurrency trading bot APIs allow you to trade cryptocurrencies through a third-party cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, or Bitmex.

There are different types of automated cryptocurrency trading platforms. You may need to do some initial searching before finding the one that works best for you.

You can leave it running and let it automatically invest for you.


With the right settings, you can trade cryptocurrency even if you're not at your computer. It allows you to save money by trading less frequently but for longer periods of time. Haru Invest monitors the market 24/7.

One of the biggest issues most traders experience when trading cryptocurrencies is making emotional decisions. These decisions often lead to poor judgment, which can result in losing large amounts of money. However, algorithmic trading doesn’t have these types of issues, so you're less likely to make unwise investments.

At the same time that having an automated system set-up will help ensure that you don't lose out on rare chances to earn extra money, platforms like Haru Invest offer other ways to generate additional revenue from the cryptocurrency you already own.

Another advantage is the fact that they're significantly faster than humans. They're also more efficient, meaning they don't require you to sit and watch the markets for hours on end. You no longer need to be glued to your computer screen watching prices rise and fall.

One major problem with cryptocurrency is the high level of volatility. Using an automated trading strategy can help reduce these risks by spreading your investments across multiple exchanges.

Diversification is the best way to keep your investments safe from sudden market fluctuations. If one coin drops in value suddenly, diversifying your holdings across multiple coins will help minimize any losses.


Algorithmic trading has many benefits, but it isn't a perfect system, and there are some drawbacks.

Overdoing optimization can lead to unreliable trading systems. An example of this would be when traders use historical data to come up with an optimized trading method that has almost 100% successful results. Any viable trading plan will have losses, so you shouldn't over optimize if you want it to function properly.

Most of the problems are caused by investors wanting to make these adjustments themselves. Instead of this, you can let experts automate the whole process for you and change strategies based on market conditions with Haru Invest.

Should you automate your crypto trading?

If you're just starting out with cryptocurrency investing, it might be beneficial for you to start by doing some manual trades first so you can get familiar with the different exchange platforms and cryptocurrencies. Then once you've developed your strategy, you could benefit a lot by automating your investments through an app or platform. Or you can let experts do it for you to earn even more with Haru Invest.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.


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