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IMPT Raises $2.5M in The Last Week of Its Presale: Only 2 Days Left to Buy at Presale Price

The IMPT presale has raised another $2.5 million in its final week, bringing the total funds raised beyond $16.5 million. With only two days remaining, this is your last chance to buy the token at presale prices – which is likely the lowest possible price.

The pace of the presale is starting to heat up as investors begin to feel the fear of missing out (FOMO) and rush to buy the IMPT token at presale prices.

The token will be available to claim on the dashboard following the conclusion of the presale. It will then hit popular centralized and decentralized exchanges on December 14th, ready for you to trade.

IMPT Raises $2.5 Million in the Last Week of its Presale

The IMPT presale continues to fly after raising an additional $2.5 million in the last week of its presale. In total, IMPT has attracted over $16.5 million so far during the presale, and – with the current level of FOMO kicking in – it could surge well beyond $18 million by the time the presale concludes this Sunday.

The hype behind the carbon offsetting ecosystem continues to gain traction, even during one of crypto’s most devastating bear markets. The presale initially launched at the start of October, and it continued to gather momentum through the FTX collapse as investors started to park their cash in the project that has the potential to shift the industry into a brighter and greener future.

With the token gaining traction in its final days, FOMO is one of the significant driving forces pushing the presale higher. This could result in an explosive token listing when IMPT finally hits exchanges on December 14th. The team has already announced token listings with Changelly Pro, LBank Exchange, and Uniswap.

Together, these exchanges conduct billions of dollars of daily trading volume, even during the current crypto winter. As a result, IMPT will have sufficient liquidity and trading eyes to launch a successful initial exchange listing.

Once the presale has concluded, users can claim their investment from the IMPT dashboard on December 12th to be ready for trading on December 14th.

Why are Investors Rushing In With Just Two Days Remaining?

With just two days remaining, investors quickly rush to the environmentally conscious crypto project as they believe there is a potential to make a profit once the token hits exchanges. Looking further down the line, some investors believe that the token has the potential to produce significant gains, with estimates ranging between 10x and 50x returns.

Those who bought in Presale 1 could scoop IMPT up for $0.018 per token. In Presale 2, the price was increased slightly to the current $0.023 level. In addition, the team has announced on Telegram that the token will be listed on top-tier exchanges for $0.0253 – meaning all participants in the presale will already be able to realize profits on the initial exchange listing.

However, most community members are much more excited about the long-term returns that IMPT can produce. They believe the platform has strong fundamentals to drive growth over the coming months, and its positive contribution to the environment will continue to make headlines and attract further investors.

How Can IMPT Impact the Future of Sustainability?

IMPT is a platform that seeks to reduce pollution by providing individuals and businesses with straightforward access to the carbon credit market. A carbon credit is a permit representing one ton of carbon dioxide that has been removed from the atmosphere. They’re typically purchased to offset carbon emissions and are one of the world’s most promising tools to help combat climate change.

However, the problem with today’s carbon credit market is that it is extremely complex and is designed for large-scale enterprises with a regulatory duty to offset their carbon emissions resulting from industrial production.

Small businesses and individuals are not obligated to offset their emissions but would struggle if they did want to contribute positively to the environment. With obscure pricing data, prevalent scams, and fraudulent carbon credits in the carbon credit market, individuals are often apprehensive about entering.

This is what IMPT seeks to change.

They believe everybody should have the opportunity to positively contribute to the environment, regardless if they are capable of purchasing carbon credits.

The carbon credits on IMPT will be hosted as NFTs on the blockchain, making them entirely genuine and traceable. When a user wishes to retire a credit, it’s sent to a burn address and is removed from circulation.

In addition to the Carbon Marketplace, IMPT will also release a Shopping Platform that allows users to passively earn carbon credits when shopping at their favorite stores. The shopping platform has a long list of world-famous affiliates that have allocated a percentage of their sales margin to environmental projects like IMPT.

Some world-famous brands onboard include Nike, Puma, Amazon, Dyson, Netflix, Samsung, Microsoft, and The North face.

With such a robust catalog of affiliates, it’s not surprising that investors are expecting huge returns from the carbon credit ecosystem.

Last Chance to Buy IMPT at Presale Prices

With the presale ending Sunday, 11th December, this is your last chance to buy IMPT at presale prices. Once the presale has concluded, your only option to participate would be to purchase the token on exchanges – likely at higher prices.

With the current momentum generated, IMPT is set for an incredible launch next Wednesday when it finally hits exchanges.

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