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LBank launches cryptocurrency credit card.

LBank launches cryptocurrency credit card.
LBank launches cryptocurrency credit card.

Cryptocurrency exchange LBank has announced the launch of the first unlimited crypto credit card.

LBank, a world-leading crypto exchange, has recently announced the launch of the world's first unlimited cryptocurrency credit card. This innovative card is available in both physical and virtual forms, and it aims to break the boundaries of crypto payments. The credit card allows users to make any purchase and payments directly with cryptocurrencies granted by the exchange. Additionally, the card supports local cash withdrawals. LBank launches cryptocurrency credit card.

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The new service is expected to be available to LBank's nine million users in Q3 2023, with VIP users enjoying early-access privileges. According to the press release, the card will have no spending or withdrawal limits and may be used on payment platforms such as Google Play. However, information regarding fees and charges is not currently available, but it will be announced before the card's release.

LBank’s founder, Eric He, commented:

For us, an important point is that users from all over the world can order and use our credit card. Our vision is to make crypto assets safer and circulation freer. Launching our own credit card is a significant step towards achieving this goal.

The LBank credit card can be ordered from the exchange’s website and is offered in various options, including a metal version.

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