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Learn How Master Sha's Tao Is Going to Show The Crypto Industry How to Build Successful NFT

NFTs have found new use cases in 2022. Even if the crypto market has been hit hard because of market events, that hasn’t stopped teams from innovating. NFTs have proven themselves as more than just a digital art collector’s niche, with exciting ways to bring transformative thoughts into the crypto space.

The latest project to join that select list of innovative NFTs is “The Greatest Love”, a part of the Tao Calligraphy Transformative Art NFT collection by Dr & Master Zhi Gang Sha, a renowned calligraphy artist. A beautiful set of NFTs on calligraphy, the collection is also focused on spreading the positive message of love.

The NFT collection by Dr. and Master Sha taps into the communal nature of NFTs. Learn what the Tao Calligraphy Transformative Art NFTs are about here and how Master Sha plans to change the landscape of NFT collections with his latest collection, The Greatest Love.

Blessing the World with Peace and Love Through NFTs

Chinese calligraphy has a long history and Master Sha has taken it upon himself to bring peace and love to the world. A Tao Grandmaster, he is an expert at Tao Calligraphy, using it to spread healing throughout the world. This calligraphy art carries the highest frequency and vibration, bringing individuals, healing, blessing, and transformation.

One more time, Master Sha plans to bring that healing through the digital field of NFTs. The collection, as mentioned, is focused on spreading positive energy, something the world needs during the troubled time that it is in.

Master Sha’s work has been appreciated time and again in the wider world. There have been reports of prominent figures purchasing a Tao Calligraphy Transformative Art NFT. One of these is David Meltzer, former CEO of Leigh Steinberg Sports and Entertainment, a Top 100 Business Coach, and a public speaker.

The Benefits of Transformative Art

The world needs more transformative art to spread positive energy.

Master Sha himself has said that transformative art via NFTs will let individuals “embrace an abundance of positive blessings and boost their financial success.” For example, the last collection of Transformative Art was a series of one-stroke healing artwork. Like its predecessor, The Greatest Love calligraphy NFTs will focus on spreading love and healing, with this particular series focused on unconditional love.

Those who work with the Tao calligraphy and NFTs can receive the benefits of the NFTs by tracing the artwork with five fingers every day. They can help in many ways, including keeping one in good health, generating financial wealth, bringing peace to the mind, and increasing productivity.

It’s rare to see something like the work of traditional Chinese calligraphy enter the crypto space, but it’s a good sight to behold nonetheless. Visionaries are bringing positive energy and hope into the market, which many crypto enthusiasts certainly need.

There is no better visionary to have than Dr. and Master Sha, who has decades of experience in his area. It’s worth getting to know more about him to see that there is authenticity in his efforts.\

Who is Dr. and Master Sha?

Master Sha is a humanitarian, among many other things.

Master Sha is a Tao Grandmaster, medical doctor, humanitarian, teacher, and best-selling author multiple times over. He has achieved some of the highest honors for his charitable work, including the Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemorative Commission Award for promoting world peace. In 2020, he was named the Top Spiritual Innovator of the Year by the International Association of Top Professionals.

One need only takes a look at Master Sha’s success by examining his striking transformative calligraphy art. Master Sha’s lineage goes back to the teacher of the last Chinese emperor and the royal family.

Master Sha previously released an NFT collection based on the “Tao Ye Chang Sheng.” Spurred by the success of these NFTs, he has decided to release another collection to help individuals attain peace and prosperity. The collection was wildly popular, selling 5,000 copies. Those who purchased the NFTs also received a video that showcased how the artwork was created, giving them insight into this process.

This last collection was done in collaboration with ViciNFT, a project that is focused on doing good for the world. It managed to raise over $10 million in sales, and the resale value of these also reached millions of dollars in worth.

How The Greatest Love Can Transform the NFT Market

Tao calligraphy has great healing potential.

The New NFT art collection by Master Sha is called The Greatest Love. The collection will be released in two drops, the first being exclusive to those who purchased an NFT, the first collection Tao Ye Chang Sheng, which was issued last November. This NFT drop will take place only a few days from now, on December 13. The second NFT collection in The Greatest Love series will take place on December 20 and will be publicly available. Investors participating in the drop will need a account to purchase the new sacred NFT.

Regardless of which drop it is, collectors can be assured that Dr. and Master Sha himself has written the Tao Calligraphy. The NFTs will contain a source-positive informational field of Da Ai (The Greatest Love), and transmit to holders healing frequencies of pure unconditional love. Master Sha states that this will allow holders to “experience this love in your heart and soul, healing within and empowered to give this unconditional healing love to others.”

The focus on positive transformation and doing good for the world is just the kind of communal spirit that NFTs needs. The niche is already focused on this, but it needs the kind of single-minded focus that Master Sha brings. The Greatest Love is poised to make other NFT collections think about their own intent and change how they design and build their collections.

Transformative Art is What the World Needs

Dr and Master Sha is doing his part in bringing peace and love to the world, and it is clear that he does not intend to stop in this quest. The first NFT collection was a massive success, but it looks like The Greatest Love series can go one step further. The NFT collection is a sign of the spirit that the crypto market was born with - namely making the world a better place.

Bringing spirituality into the digital world and metaverses is simply an evolution of the divine lineage of faith. For the NFT market, it’s a sign that it is transforming into something new - going beyond purely just financial goals and applications.

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