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Massa, the First Blockchain with Autonomous Smart Contracts

In 2022, first in April during the Paris Blockchain Week Summit and then in July during Ethcc Paris, Massa team unveiled the first autonomous smart contracts ever to be released on a blockchain. Massa is a new layer-1, which intends to solve the blockchain trilemma by enhancing decentralization and scalability - looking for a 1,000+ Nakamoto Decentralization Coefficient. Since July 2022, Autonomous Smart Contracts it is possible to try them on Massa Testnet.

Launched in 2021 and currently in its testnet phase, with more than 7000 nodes constantly running on its network currently, Massa has already achieved important milestones: it has raised €5 million euros during a private sale (one of the most decentralized private sales involving 100+ individuals and entities), released its own smart contract engine, and reached 4,000 transactions per second (intending to reach 10,000 by the end of the testnet phase). Massa Team’s main focus has always been on building Autonomous Smart Contracts.

Currently, none of the existing blockchain manage to deploy this kind of smart contract functionality, making this one of the most important goals achieved by the Massa developers. The Autonomous Smart Contracts concept intends to allow Smart Contracts to “live” on the blockchain and self-activate, with an autonomous flow for using them. They can feed on blockchain data and request information from external sources without needing additional interaction. Existing smart contracts on other blockchains require human interaction (or bots) to function.

The CEO of Dusa Labs, an AMM building on Massa, declared: “Thanks to the autonomous smart contract and blockchain hosting of our web application, we will be able to offer the first 100% decentralized DeFi experience. These technological innovations allow us to have a completely autonomous execution of our users' latent trading orders, optimal management of liquidations, all coupled with increased security for our users.

Massa Incentivized Testnet is currently at its 13th Episode (a new episode being released at the beginning of each month), and will be running until Mainnet. In the meantime, Massa continues to grow its community of builders, developers and node runners for its new ecosystem. It targets a launch between end of Q4 2022 and end of Q1 2023. The team is currently composed of more than 15 people. Massa ambassador program will be launched beginning of Q4 2022, featuring Masstronauts and Masscots –.

About Massa Massa technology research and development started in 2018. The company was incorporated in 2020, in Paris, France. Massa blockchain is based on a parallel block technology able to process thousands of operations per second with minimal energy consumption. Through a fair ICO and other crucial decisions ensuring decentralization, Massa is the first blockchain targeting a Nakamoto decentralization coefficient above 1,000, as well as the first blockchain to feature autonomous smart contracts and decentralized web hosting.

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