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Metaverse Goes Inter-Planetary as New Crypto Roblox Blasts Off – Don’t Miss Chance to Buy Cheap

RobotEra is set to provide an opportunity for players to explore fresh frontiers while also earning simultaneously.

What Is RobotEra?

RobotEra is a new metaverse game that transports players into a digital universe where they can earn profits by engaging in different activities. The game is a project backed by LBank Labs – a subsidiary of the popular cryptocurrency exchange LBank.

In Robot Era, players are transported to Taro, a virtual world where they can participate in different activities.

According to the game’s storyline, Taro is a planet that was destroyed following an apocalyptic event. The world has been idle for some time but is now ready to be rebuilt. Players will be tasked with participating in this process, and they earn gains in the process.

The idea of RobotEra is for users to engage in various tasks with the primary goal of recreating the virtual environment. Every player in the virtual world will be able to buy as many avatars as they want, and they will be able to enter the virtual world to acquire land and other properties.

All assets within RobotEra are non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This means that players fully own their assets and can use them as they like.

In RobotEra, users can purchase land and build structures – everything from parks and museums to concert studios and residential homes where other players can live. For example, a player can build a museum and charge people to enter it or a park, among other things.

RobotEra’s attraction comes from the fact that it allows users to engage in virtual world creation without having to learn how to code. The game includes various options that allow players to customize their structures, including unique artwork, audio, soundtracks, and much more.

The game also comes with different quests and activities that allow players to make returns.

The TARO Token

RobotEra has followed in the footsteps of other metaverse gaming platforms by incorporating a native token. The platform’s asset, TARO, was given its name based on the planet Taro.

As with other blockchain gaming tokens, TARO powers everything that has to do with the RobotEra blockchain gaming system. Players can use the digital asset to buy NFTs in the game and exchange it for real money if they sell their NFTs and want to cash out.

TARO is considered one of the most impressive assets in the metaverse gaming space. The crypto asset is currently up for presale and has raised $370,000 in less than a month.

As the bear market wears off and investors look forward to the future of the crypto space, blockchain gaming could easily be the biggest beneficiary of this investor influx. And with RobotEra being one of the most innovative blockchain gaming platforms, its TARO token is expected to be a huge attraction.

Right now, investors can get TARO for just $0.025. However, its price will continue to rise as more stages of its presale are passed.

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