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Monster Crypto Presale Raises $10m and Finishes in 17 Days – What Is Dash 2 Trade?

D2T, the crypto token for the Dash 2 Trade platform, has raised $10 million in its presale. What is Dash 2 Trade, and why are investors so excited about it?

What Is Dash 2 Trade?

Dash 2 Trade is an all-new crypto research and platform that looks to simplify the investment process for retail market participants. This platform, owned by Learn 2 Trade, aims to reduce the inherent burden and risk associated with trading cryptocurrencies.

As the crypto market is expected to experience significant volatility, D2T’s launch is perfect for new investors seeking reliable platforms to trade. Dash 2 Trade provides high-quality research, analytics and a trading suite for investors.

The self-styled “Bloomberg terminal of crypto” offers different features, ranging from social trading to crypto signals and a trading application program interface (API). Its focus is on providing investors with everything they need to trade and profit from the market, making it an essential tool.

Whether technical or fundamental analysis, crypto investors are assured of high-quality information from D2T. Besides its fit for traders, the platform also provides different tools for investors. Value-seeking investors can access different presales and get notifications on new coins entering the market and being listed on exchanges.

All presales listed have been vetted and researched so investors can rest assured. Investors can also access different information about the presales, including the platforms they are affiliated with, the development team, their roadmaps, and more.

First Look at New Dashboard

As part of the new Dash 2 Trade platform launch, its developers have revealed the new look of its redesigned trading dashboard. The dashboard is expected to be available in the coming months, allowing investors to evaluate each project based on several important indicators, including security audits, tokenomics, developers’ credentials, and much more.

The dashboard will grade projects based on different metrics. It will award scores ranging from 0 to 100, allowing investors to understand all available projects and, by extension, understand the market as a whole. They can identify projects with the highest potential for returns and back them up with the guarantee of future profits.

A Reliable Native Token

Dash 2 Trade operates like many other crypto platforms, issuing a native token for interested investors. The platform’s D2T token is one of the most interesting coins in the market right now, and it is available at an incredibly affordable price.

With D2T, investors can easily pay for Dash 2 Trade’s services. They can pay 400 D2T monthly for its Starter service tier and 1,000 D2T monthly for the premium tier. D2T is also the primary channel for investors looking to participate in the platform’s many trading competitions.

D2T has raised over $10.2 million in its presale, showing significant investor interest. The digital asset’s presale is set to end in the next 17 days. Buy D2T on Presale Now

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