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New look for Lado Okhotnikov

New look for Lado Okhotnikov
New look for Lado Okhotnikov

Does this event matter to the crypto world?

Yes, it does!

Every charismatic person always has a unique image that emphasizes the personality and says a lot about his vision of life in general and business in particular. This is especially vivid and visual about the crypto business. Pavel Durov, Elon Musk, Justin Sun, Vitalik Buterin... One look at them and you will be able to understand the nonverbal signals conveyed by their images.

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If you see an image changing, it likely means that major business changes are coming.

Lado Okhotnikov: Meta Force As Image Reflection New look for Lado Okhotnikov

“I never paid much attention to my image. Everything always worked out naturally. And maybe it’s the right thing to do - you subconsciously want to tell something to others. Careful image work involving professionals - there is something artificial about it; in the image must be some sincerity…»

Lado Okhotnikov, Meta Force CEO

Remember Lado’s Appearance?

A tall, slender man with an open smile and a somewhat frivolous haircut - deliberately casually slipping long hair on his shoulders.

What are the associations with this image?

Freedom, creativity, self-confidence, cheerfulness...

Now let’s look at the philosophy of his main project - Meta Force. It is based on the same concepts: freedom, creativity, self-confidence!

It turns out that Lado in his projects laid his own life credo!

Radical Changes

Now, let’s share some actual news.

Lado Okhotnikov radically changed his image. His brutal hairstyle disappeared, giving place to haircut head. Appearance changed beyond recognition!

What happened? Is Meta Force preparing for a dramatic change?

Let’s understand it. On the one hand, the reason for the change of Lado’s appearance is quite practical. But on the other hand...

When creating a three-dimensional model for Metaverse, it turned out that this hairstyle does not allow a normal image. The designers offered Lado a special hat or gel, but he refused.

It is a conscious policy. Meta Force makes sure the results are perfect. If for business you need to cut your head, change the image - so it will be. Meta Force managers have no personal interest, just interest of all users matters.

Global changes are coming, and a change in image can send the right message to society. Meta Force becomes more mature, powerful, serious, convincing.

Business is changing, and with it changes Lado Okhotnikov!

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