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Panda Announces Unique NFT Project for aspiring Publishers in the NFT Community

The Panda team has announced its unique PandaQ NFT, a project with distinct features. Besides offering a token, it also opens the door for interested parties to publish their NFTs on its platform.

About PandaQ

According to the team, PandaQ is a collection of 8,888 Pandas with distinct features that are linked together on the Ethereum blockchain. This collection will soon be made available to the NFT community on the OpenSea marketplace.

Each of the unique Pandas has some 200 well-designed elements which define its rarity and uncommon personality.

Users can check how it works in the video below:

PandaQ NFT features

  • NFT Merge

If you have two adult Panda NFTs, you are entitled to a free Panda junior NFT just by filling in and submitting a request form. Each of the Junior NFT will be made by hand within 3 months.

  • Launchpad

Some projects are currently under development on the Pandaq Launchpad. The team hopes to receive a minimum of 80% of the proceeds from the sale. 10% of the received proceeds will be shared among PandaQ NFT holders while the remaining 10% will be channeled towards covering Launchpad costs.

PandaQ Launchpad

The team created a Launchpad as a platform to help artists launch their NFT collections with ease. While publishing on OpenSea and other platforms may require a team-intensive and complex process, the PandaQ Launchpad is designed to ease the publishing process and help you publish and list your NFT for sale without going through a rigorous process.

Launchpad Features

The Launchpad has some features that can help users to realize their dreams of launching their NFTs effortlessly. Some of these features are:

  • Whitelist Collection

You can create some predefined conditions for the whitelist by using some selected parameters on the Launchpad which allows you to collect the whitelist before it is linked to the project’s pre-sale and sale functionalities.

  • Collection Generation

Launchpad users can also upload individual elements of the collection to the system. The creator can generate a unique collection for personal use through some tuning and setting certain rules.

  • Merchandise Shop

Merchandise functionality is also added to the Launchpad to ease the process of purchasing any merchandise such as t-shirts, canvas, and others.


The PandaQ team has fixed the setup fee from 0.5ETH upwards. The transaction fee is 20% of the total fee and is shared into two. PandaQ NFT holders will share 10% while the remaining 10% will cover Launchpad costs.

Besides its token, the team is reaching out to prospective NFT publishers with a platform that helps them to realize their dreams without going through a time-consuming and expensive process through its Launchpad.

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