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Privatixy Token, Ethereum, and Fantom: Three Coins To Look Out For in 2023

The cryptocurrency market is currently one of the most lucrative industries and still, it is characteristically volatile. Since Bitcoin’s unexpected success, many people have leveraged crypto technology to build incredible ecosystems to aid the emerging industry.

Ethereum (ETH) and Fantom (FTM) are two well-known cryptocurrency platforms that have produced excellent profits for investors while providing a diverse set of applications for users. On the other hand, Privatixy Token (PXP) is about to take over the crypto market with its insistence on value, community building, and data security. In this article, we will explain all you need to know about this token and why it is best for long-term cryptocurrency investment.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is a well-known blockchain-based decentralized open source software platform. It has its own currency, Ether, as well as a programming language called Solidity. Ether is now the market’s second-largest token by market capitalization. Ethereum is Bitcoin’s real contender.

The Ethereum platform is regulated and maintained via a blockchain, which is a decentralized computer network or distributed ledger. Consider a blockchain to be a running record of every transaction that has ever occurred in cryptocurrencies. Computers in the network validate transactions and assure data integrity.

Users can exchange money without the need for a central intermediary like a bank, and the currency is effectively self-sufficient due to the lack of a central bank. Ethereum also allows users to make nearly anonymous transactions, even though the transaction is publicly visible on the blockchain.

Developers can either buy Ether to use the network or mine for the tokens themselves, becoming a part of the network. The pricing of network transactions is determined by an internal mechanism known as Gas.

Fantom (FTM)

Fantom (FTM) has had tremendous success in DeFi, swiftly becoming a favourite among developers and investors. Fantom (FTM) is one of the most volatile crypto projects in the top 100 by market cap, with tremendous upside potential. FTM is the native token of the Fantom (FTM) ecosystem.

Fantom (FTM) is a smart contract blockchain platform that offers an alternative to Ethereum’s (ETH) present high costs and slow performance. Fantom’s speed is achieved through the use of a directed acyclic graph (DAG), a technology that displays blockchain transaction histories as a graph of blockchain hashes.

Fantom (FTM) was the first network to compensate developers that built on the network, resulting in an organic and expanding ecosystem unlike any other in the DeFi industry. Fantom (FTM) is very appealing to developers due to its open-source code, lightning-fast settlements, and extremely low transaction fees.

Fantom (FTM) is also Ethereum-compatible, allowing developers to quickly design cross-platform applications without paying excessive fees or suffering from Ethereum’s limited bandwidth. Fantom currently hosts over 200 dApps, including popular DEXs, cross-chain bridges, peer-to-peer lending platforms, yield optimizers, NFT marketplaces, games, and wallets.

Privatixy Token (PXP)

The Privatixy Protocol (PXP) is an open-source protocol that provides an array of privacy-preserving solutions while stressing decentralized technology adoption and usability. Among its many noteworthy characteristics, this protocol provides blockchain users with alternatives to privacy-invading services. PXP token is the native token of the Privatixy ecosystem.

Privatixy Protocol (PXP) employs an open-source architecture to promote openness and implementations, allowing users to control their data flow while maintaining their privacy. The zero-knowledge proof operational module is used to ensure that the platform is simple, private, secure, and scalable.

The new cryptocurrency incorporates smart contracts with encrypted systems into the platform to enable a wide range of design and implementation options, giving the protocol limitless expansion potential. The Privatixy Protocol’s open-source program ensures a very public and transparent manner of data storage. This effectively prevents the potential of data manipulation or operator tampering.

The presale is a unique opportunity to participate in the bounties of the Privatixy Token (PXP) ecosystem as all Privatixy Token purchases made with Ethereum will be rewarded with 10% more tokens. Also, when a holder invites someone else to acquire a PXP token, both parties receive a $40 bonus token for every $100 spent on Privatixy Token by the referred user. Don’t wait any more time, purchase now!

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