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QIE Doodle, a Unique P2YE Game, is Making Noise for all the Right Reasons

Blockchain is one of the industries witnessing a drastic transformation, with new and advanced technologies being introduced each day. There are projects competing with each other to deliver the best returns and provide an unmatched user experience. But one of the domains of blockchain that lay relatively dormant was Play-to-Earn gaming. Even though projects were released regularly, they didn’t have much to offer, at least not anything that wasn’t already available. But QIE Doodle, the latest entrant in the P2E space, is about to change this perception for good.

QIE Doodle is actually based on a new and unique model, P2YE, which stands for Play to Yield and Earn. It’s thrilling and adds a brand new dimension to the space. The added dimension ensures a far superior experience and additional exciting rewards. Let’s find out what the game is all about.

About QIE Doodle

As the name suggests, in QIE Doodle, players compete with friends or other users on the platform in a doodling contest, and the winner takes all. It requires them to place bets using the $DOQ token. If a similar bet already exists, the player will be patched directly with the other user, and the game will start right away. In case none exist at that moment, players will have the option to create a new bet, and it will be open for other players to join in.

There are two options to acquire the $DOQ token for playing the game. First, users can stake $QIE, the native coin on the QI blockchain. $DOQ is the reward for staking $QIE. And the best part, the APY is not fixed but depends on the in-game progress and the player’s performance in the past week. Players who find a spot in the leaderboard (changes every week) will get higher rewards, i.e., more $DOQ. So it’s not just about staking extra on QIE Doodle, but the achievements, too, play a vital role. Give it your best QIE Doodle and take home more rewards than others. Besides, while $QIE is locked for 250 days when staked, users can withdraw the rewards, i.e., $DOQ every block, to ensure an optimal playing experience.

While staking is one option, users can also directly buy $DOQ on Qi Dex, the blockchain’s native decentralized exchange. The token will be available for active trading on the decentralized exchange. The total supply of the token has been capped at 1 billion, and the developers have left no scope for excess minting. Though the token can initially be used only to place bets, in the coming days, as upgrades are introduced, $DOQ will be used to acquire NFT skins and HUDs and even for participating in tournaments.

Staking, of late, has emerged as a viable solution in a highly-volatile market, allowing token holders to create a regular and steady stream of funds. Every major project offers the option to stake, but they need more in certain aspects, primarily the ease of operation and the APY (Annual Profit Yield). QI is working hard on the concept of staking and coming up with ideas and features that will both simplify the process and make it more productive from the finance point of view. QIE Doodle offers lucrative returns on staking, which can be as high as 145%, more than most P2E games in the space.

In all, QIE Doodle has turned up to be a nostalgic, exciting, and rewarding game, and as per industry experts, it should soon be one of the favorites. The number of players, users who staked the token, and TVL (Total Value Locked) is increasing by the day, and so are the entries in the leaderboard. So, connect your wallet, top it up with the $DOQ token, and play QIE Doodle today to experience the most fantastic game of its time.

To find out more about QIE Doodle and play the game, visit the official website:

Also, follow QIE on all social and interactive channels to stay updated with the latest developments on the platform.

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