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Success Beyond this Teenagers Political Aspirations

Tony Abbott Prime Minister of Australia 2013-2015 with Harrison Grafanakis

Harrison Grafanakis better known as Harry Grafa is a 19 year old that bought Bitcoin on the 11th of December 2016 when BTC was at $769.73. Harry Grafa was just 14 at the time and never knew the journey it would take him on from his $5,000 savings to over $300,000 by 2022. From slaving at his fathers cafe to true financial freedom in the DEFI ecosystem.

Harry Grafa then spent the next 5 years of his life specializing in Cryptocurrency.

This led to massive returns of low cap coins. including when he had bought solana at $14.19 and sold it at $169.45. Trades like this earned Harry the respect and confidence of countless Crypto traders.

He originally heard about Bitcoin when he was infatuated with the risk and rewards of online poker and needing a way to hold money online without a bank interfering with his transactions to online poker websites. And that's what really attracted him to Cryptocurrency!

Harry believes in free enterprise. The fact that no government or centralized authority can stop him from achieving financial freedom motivates him to go further where the opportunities are limitless.

An apprenticeship with entrepreneur Ben Sapper - Harry learnt lots quickly. It made him broaden his horizon and taught him the DEFI space which is now the way Harry Grafa his investments are making him a tonne of money. Now his horizons are expanding into liquidity pools and yield farming.

Harry’s advice to those that want to follow him is simple: “self-learning trumps traditional education as the old ways of going to university first before making money are out-dated. Just get out there and build your crypto wealth but not to completely neglect Universities”

Harry’s followers call him the next “Warren Buffet” in the Crypto space; something he laughs at due to Warren Buffet calling Bitcoin rat poison.

When we asked about the future of the industry he had this to say: “my generation has an innate advantage to lead the Blockchain revolution due to the Gen Z generation being the first to grow up with an IPhone in our hands and where our personal lives revolve around technology. Blockchain and Web3 are two emerging technologies that will transform how wealth is generated between people in every corner of our planet”.

What does he look at when buying a coin? He poses three questions: (1) who are the founders and team? (2) what problem does it solve? (3 ) Does it have the potential to generate super-profits? For example, Harry invested in Polygon and Lukso coins at 0.07$ and 5.33$ respectively. Both investments went up over 10X initial investment.

Harry’s intentions for the future is to launch a business in the Crypto space. But he's keeping his cards close to his chest on the details of what exactly they are going to be. Only time will tell what this young man will do as his talents appear to have no boundaries in the world of crypto.

Tony Guoga Entrepreneur and Harrison’s Hero

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