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TCC’s Token Presale (CONG) is Set to Disrupt the Venture Capital and Private Equity Industries

The Conglomerate Capital (TCC) is about to flip venture capital and private equity industries on its head with its new fundraising system. The project intends to totally revolutionize the world of investing by helping startups and SMEs raise capital while simultaneously increasing protection mechanisms for investors.

The entire project is governed by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that will use the platform’s native token, CONG, to make all governance decisions such as approving the release of funds, adding a new project to the portfolio and many others.

The presale for CONG is currently underway, providing the perfect time to enter into the investment platform before it starts to attract a series of companies under its belt.

TCC Set to Change Venture Capital and Private Equity Industries Forever

TCC is a Web3, BEP-20 blockchain investment and funding platform governed by a decentralized community through a DAO. The entire idea behind the platform is to let startups and SMEs raise capital and allow platform investors to get invested in solid companies while providing specific protection mechanisms for investors.

The ecosystem´s solution intends to democratize the investment space by opening the doors to the mass market. The stock market has boomed over the past few years, but most of the gains were made by companies’ early investors. These early investors purchased the shares when they were private companies – an opportunity usually restricted to a subset of wealthy venture capitalists and private equity investors.

TCC intends to provide venture capital and private equity opportunities for everyone. The project was birthed out of a desire to make opportunities accessible to regular people by assembling a conglomerate of companies. Using the CONG token, the investment platform is designed to bring deals to investors worldwide under a DAO.

Furthermore, the TCC platform also intends to streamline the investment process for investors and provide fundraising for companies. Typically, startups and SMEs struggle to raise capital due to a lack of a balance sheet and track records in their early days of operations.

Furthermore, these SMEs and startups do not have access to a wide range of retail and accredited investors – which is exactly what TCC can provide.

Who’s Behind TCC?

The team behind the project has decades of experience in the venture capital and private equity industries. In addition, one of the founders and the CEO, Yves Civolani, was a previous tier-1 private equity industry executive for more than a decade.

Civolani created the project after realizing that the average person lacks basic financial knowledge, which usually ends up with them spending their life savings on substandard investments. Providing a platform that can include protection mechanisms for investors makes these people more likely to profit from their investments.

Other team members have worked in top-tier firms and funds, such as Kaszek Ventures, Lightrock, Belfer Investments, and Madrone Capital Partners. The team has collectively raised over $200 million USD for companies and participated in over 800 M&A deals.

What is the CONG Token?

The DAO-based structure for TCC incorporates all of the best governance practices currently available in the market. By combining the decades worth of experience from the team with today’s modern DeFi technology, TCC has created a system that provides CONG holders with utility and value.

The CONG token is the sole token in the entire TCC ecosystem. It will be used for voting in governance matters and as a company fundraising vehicle. The token comes with a 10 billion max supply and integrates a 1% tax on all transactions, which is fed back into the ecosystem.

CONG holders can benefit in multiple ways, including;

  • Token appreciation

  • Token dividends

  • Sales of portfolio companies

  • Interest-bearing tokens

  • Income profiting

  • DeFi Yield staking

  • CONG buy and sell options (“CONGo”)

CONG: Keeping Companies Honest and Protecting Investors

One of the best features regarding the overall TCC ecosystem is that it’s designed to help protect investors as much as possible – achieved through the DAO and governance system.

The team’s experience provides the first level of protection. Vetting companies that want fundraising is the first step, and then the DAO takes the security further as they vote if the company should be added to the fundraising list.

Furthermore, the DAO also helps to protect minority holders by allowing them to participate in the most critical decisions through voting.

Another protection mechanism is centered around how companies receive the funds raised. Instead of sending the company the entire capital raised at once, TCC elects to send the funds in batches according to milestones achieved by the company.

For example, during fundraising, companies outline a series of milestones to make investors aware of their roadmap. Then, the DAO has to vote to reach a consensus if the company has achieved the milestone before releasing the funds allocated for that specific milestone.

This ensures that companies remain honest about their development rather than letting them run away with the capital without delivering on their promises.

Presale Expected to Sell Out Extremely Fast

The presale for the CONG token is expected to sell out extremely fast, especially considering that TCC managed to raise investment from notorious capitalists and blockchain companies last year.

The CONG presale is currently underway and is expected to occur over two separate phases.

The first phase is selling the token for $0.0025 with a total amount of USD 2.5 million. Once this phase is fulfilled, the price will increase by 20% and sell for $0.0030 in the second phase of the presale.

To protect investors against rug pulls, CONG tokens will have a 3-month lockup with a 6-month vesting period and a release of 16.67% per month – for both presale stages.

Overall, TCC has created a fantastic system that lets companies raise funds while simultaneously providing essential protection mechanisms for investors. Once the ecosystem starts to thrive, the value of CONG is expected to soar – so investing in the presale is the best time to get involved before TCC achieves a series of companies under its management.

Disclaimer: This is a paid release that was not written by Crypto Online News. The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the content provider and do not necessarily represent those of Crypto Online News. Crypto Online News does not guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of information available in such content. Do your research and invest at your own risk.

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