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LOS GATOS, CA (July 19, 2022) – After debuting its first collection in 2021, the American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL) announced today its latest collection of AUDL moMintz non-fungible tokens (NFTs), developed in partnership with TNNS Pro, a leader in mixed reality experiences and currently building a better future for sports.

As the rapid growth of NFT sports collectibles across the globe is expected to expand the sports memorabilia market to $227.2 billion by 20321, the AUDL moMintz collection will feature affordable digital player cards with authenticity assured on the blockchain. The AUDL looks to grow the future of the Ultimate by offering moMintz collectors rewards and discounts on their favorite team merchandise, as well as exclusive fan experiences at future games.

“We are excited to release our latest moMintz NFTs in partnership with TNNS Pro to continue to differentiate our sport of Ultimate,” said AUDL Commissioner Steve Hall. “The new series of moMintz NFTs will allow our fans to be more connected with our players, teams, and the entire league and bring added excitement to the AUDL 2022 season playoffs and beyond.”

“TNNS Pro was created to build a better future for sports, and we are excited to partner with the AUDL as they develop a broader fan based for professional Ultimate” said Tsolak Gevorkian, CEO and co-founder of TNNS. “We are confident that our multiyear collaboration will lead to further innovations that build on this initial project and will serve to inspire and reward the global community of Ultimate athletes, fans and sports collectors.”

Each moMintz will feature an original player’s image, iconic video highlight, latest biography, and career statistics. This newest series features the 2019 and 2021 All-AUDL First and Second Teams, the All-AUDL Rookie First Teams from 2019 and 2021 plus the AUDL Most Valuable Players from 2013 to 2021.

The moMintz series will be sold in mixed packs and can be purchased and traded on the AUDL moMintz marketplace which accepts payment using debit/credit cards or the TNNS blockchain token for sports. Completing a full collection of seven players in each series will unlock increased rewards and value to the owner.  

Collectors can sign up now to receive email updates about the first moMintz drops which will occur in August and coincide with the start of the AUDL 2022 season playoffs, the final leg on the road to Championship Weekend 11 in Madison, WI.

About The AUDL and Professional Ultimate

The American Ultimate Disc League was founded in 2012 to introduce and showcase our talented athletes and precision play to a global audience. Ultimate is a fast flowing and highly athletic low-contact sport that is played by advancing a disc down a field to score in the end zone. Players cannot run with the disc, and play continues until one team scores.

With pinpoint passing and the unique flight of the disc, each game generates many exciting catches and defensive plays that frequently appear on ESPN’s Sports Center Top 10, FOX Sports, Bleacher Report, and other leading sports shows.

The league has 25 teams representing the US and Canada. Each team competes in a 12-game regular season schedule, with top teams entering a playoff round and division winners advancing to a final four style Championship Weekend. Our audience enjoys our exciting, affordable, family-friendly events, devour our highlights and video features on social media, and watch our full-length games on TV or streamed online.

About TNNS Pro

TNNS Pro is a leading blockchain token for sports, which are used to reward athletes and tournaments. Each club or association that joins is given a supply of TNNS Tokens to reward its members and fans. TNNS Pro see the futures where non-professional leagues or events will reward their winners with TNNS Tokens. Making the world of non-professional feel the competitiveness of the professionals.

To learn more about TNNS Pro, please visit and follow on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and Telegram. 

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.


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