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5 Best New Cryptocurrencies To Buy In April 2023

Cryptocurrencies have established themselves as significant players in the world of finance and technology. With new projects and tokens emerging daily, investors are always on the lookout for the next promising opportunity. This article explores five best coins to invest in April 2023: DigiToads, Optimism, Shen, C+Charge, and, Metropoly. Each of these brings something unique to the table, so let's discuss them in depth.

1. DigiToads - The Ultimate Utility Meme Coin

The first exciting crypto to buy now is indeed DigiToads (TOADS), a brand-new ERC20 tokenthat revolutionizes the crypto space by combining the allure of meme coins with real-world utility. Its innovative Play-to-Earn (P2E) platform offers users an engaging gaming experience, teaching them about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies while rewarding them with TOADS tokens.

The centerpiece of DigiToads' ecosystem is Swamp Arena, a game where players collect, nurture, and battle unique DigiToads NFTs. Swamp Arena features a leaderboard that rewards top players with TOADS tokens at the end of each month-long season.

DigiToads is also making a significant impact in the NFT market with its staking platform. Users can stake their NFTs to earn additional rewards, with the staking pool funded by a 2% transaction fee on all TOADS transactions.

Beyond its gaming and NFT ventures, DigiToads demonstrates a commitment to social and environmental causes. The project pledges 2.5% of its profits to tree planting and rainforest preservation charities.

DigiToads Presale Is Live

The DigiToads presale has achieved remarkable success, with the first stage seeing all tokens sell out and the second phase already selling 90% of tokens, resulting in a total of over $825K raised in the first few weeks.

Besides the project's exciting features, investors are driven by the opportunity to gain 450% interest on their initial deposits once the project launches. More precisely, the presale is structured with ten stages, where each stage concludes with an increased price until it reaches $0.055 at launch. Currently, the tokens are priced at $0.012, but with only a few days left until the next price increase, investors are keen to secure their shares.

The project's team is doxxed, and the smart contracts are audited, providing investors with confidence in the trustworthiness of the project.

Overall, the DigiToads presale presents a lucrative opportunity for investors seeking to capitalize on a promising new ico.

2. Optimism (OP) - how does it work?

Optimism is a relatively new and exciting DeFi crypto worth your attention in April 2023. Launched in May 2022, Optimism functions as a Layer 2 (L2) blockchain, enhancing the scalability of the Ethereum base layer (Layer 1) by facilitating quicker and more affordable transactions, all while maintaining the security inherent to Ethereum. Designed with simplicity in mind, Optimism is readily accessible for EVM-compatible projects.

As an "Optimistic Rollup," Optimism accelerates transaction processing by leveraging the security of the Ethereum base layer. Picture it as constructing a home within a secure, gated community; the pre-existing safety measures negate the need for additional security precautions like surveillance cameras or guard dogs.

Serving as scaling solutions for Layer 1 blockchains, Layer 2 blockchains like Optimism bolster the performance of their base-level counterparts, such as Ethereum, in this instance. Layer 1 blockchains represent the foundational layer, while L2 chains enable transactions from Layer 1 to be processed on a separate blockchain.

Consequently, the original chain only needs to store a summary of the completed actions, substantially reducing the strain on the blockchain. This process enhances scalability and lowers gas fees, making Optimism an attractive addition to the ever-evolving cryptocurrency landscape.

3. Shen (SHEN) - New Algorithmic Stable Coin from Cardano

Another relatively new altcoin to invest in 2023 is Shen, the reserve coin for the algorithmic stablecoin – Djed.

First, of its kind, Djed is a crypto-backed algorithmic stablecoin contract on the Cardanoblockchain. It functions by minting and destroying reserve coins and stablecoins while maintaining a stockpile of base coins (ADA).

Stablecoins are bought and sold with the reserve, and the fees from these transactions are used to keep the peg of the stablecoins at the target price. Reserve coin holders are the ultimate beneficiaries of this revenue stream since they contribute to the reserve with monies while taking on the risk of price fluctuations.

While LUNA may have failed, it uncovered a demand in the crypto industry for algorithmic stablecoins. With the highly-protected SHEN coin and the Djed stable, Cardano wants to fill this void. Notably, by the time Luna failed, SHEN's ICO price had increased by about 14000%.

4. C+Charge - Democratizing Carbon Credits for EV Drivers

Next exciting initiative on the DeFi market is C+Charge, which revolutionizes the carbon credit sector by granting electric vehicle (EV) drivers access to rewards that were once exclusive to major corporations and organizations. As the first blockchain-enabled network to offer carbon credits to EV drivers both on-chain and off-chain, C+Charge encourages environmentally responsible driving and charging practices.

Understanding the crucial role of electric mobility in paving the way for a sustainable future, C+Charge's mission is to establish a blockchain-based platform that promotes electric transportation for both people and goods. The project aims to create the world's foremost EV charging crypto payment network by investing in, deploying, and collaborating with top-tier EV charging solutions across the globe.

C+Charge offers users individual digital wallets accessible through the C+Charge app. The platform's payment system leverages the C+Charge utility token for seamless transactions during each charging session. As token holders, users accumulate carbon credits, with drivers earning additional credits through increased charging activity.

By delivering a frictionless charging experience and the opportunity to earn carbon credits, C+Charge aspires to pioneer a novel payment model that benefits the environment, society, and business sectors.

5. Metropoly - Real Estate Meets Blockchain

Last but not least, we have Metropoly, an interesting ERC20 coin that aims to create an alternative real estate investment platform by introducing the first NFT marketplace for income-generating properties. This platform seeks to bypass traditional financial institutions, reduce hidden fees, and eliminate geographical constraints.

Leveraging blockchain technology, the Metropoly marketplace offers NFTs that represent fractions of real-world properties, with investment entry points as low as $100. Real Estate NFT holders can potentially receive monthly rental income and benefit from long-term value appreciation while also having the option to trade their shares at their discretion.

The Metropoly Ecosystem is supported by its native utility token, METRO, which serves as the primary mode of payment and reward on the platform.

By offering an alternative approach to real estate investments, Metropoly aspires to reshape the industry and reach a broader range of potential property investors.

The bottom line

Overall, each project offers unique value propositions and innovative solutions, ranging from digital collectibles and gaming ecosystems to scalability improvements, decentralized finance, energy management, and real estate investment democratization.

As the crypto market continues to evolve and mature, these projects show potential to address emerging challenges and capitalize on opportunities within their respective niches.

Therefore, if you are wondering what crypto to invest in, these top 5 cryptocurrencies can be an excellent start to explore the dynamic world of digital assets, with Digitoads being the one you should pay close attention to.

For More Information on DigiToads visit the website, join the presale or join the community

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