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8DAO: Asia’s first Social DAO, using social capital to build a Web3 ecosystem

DAO (Decentralized autonomous organization), is an organizational structure developed based on blockchain technology. It means that there is no centralized leader. The organization rules are written into the code, executed by smart contracts, and jointly governed by the members of the organization. When it comes to the direction of the organization, it is decided by voting, which is different from traditional corporate organizations.

In addition to the defi-related protocol DAOs that have developed rapidly in the past two years, different types of DAOs are gradually taking shape, such as Bankless, which specializes in media, FWB for social networking, and Seed Club for Web3 accelerators and others.

8DAO was established in early 2022. It is a membership-based Social DAO that gathers elites from different industries, and connects like-minded people, people with social capital and community builders to jointly build and invest in the Web3 ecosystem. As a Web3 community, 8DAO constantly explores the development of NFT / WEB3 / DAO. And members share their opinions, suggestions and news. Every week, 8DAO invites well-known NFT collectors, project leaders, and investment institutions in the industry to have in-depth discussions with members on different topics. 8DAO also collaborates with brands, creators and artists to invest and incubate different Web3 projects.

Recently, 8DAO successfully closed its first round of token sales. The first round of token sales received participation and support from celebrities from different sectors, such as cultural entrepreneur Mr Adrian Cheng, technology investor Jeff Ren, fintech entrepreneur Alex Yang, renown investor Mr. Cai Wensheng, well-known poker player Elton Tsang, art collector Alan Lau, and others.

The funds raised by 8DAO through the first round of token sales will be the capital reserve in the 8DAO Treasury, which will be mainly used for Web3 community building, member contribution incentives and improving the DAO governance framework. Within 3 months of 8DAO’s establishment (Season 0), the membership base has rapidly developed and expanded across Hong Kong, Mainland China, Singapore, Japan and the United States. And a number of member-initiated activities and projects have been launched. At the same time, 8DAO is planning to launch an accelerator to assist Web3 projects. With network, resources and social capital of its members, 8DAO plans to invest and incubate more Web3 projects, contributing to the development of a more prosperous Web3 ecosystem.

Learn more about 8DAO:

If you are interested in joining 8DAO, apply here:

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