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ADA price predicted at $5 by analyst.

ADA price predicted at $5 by analyst.
ADA price predicted at $5 by analyst.

Despite the recent downward trend in ADA's price, a crypto analyst has presented a compelling bull case for the cryptocurrency's future value. Kara Szabo, an analyst on X (formerly Twitter), predicts that the price could potentially surge by up to 2,000% from its current level. Szabo has also provided a timeline for this potential increase.

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ADA price predicted at $5 by analyst. ADA Price Could Rise As High As High

According to the analyst, ADA's performance in the last bull market is a potential indicator of what may come in the future. However, the bullish prediction is not solely based on this observation. The analyst also highlights the token's supply and initial distribution as a positive factor. ADA price predicted at $5 by analyst.

The initial distribution of ADA's 45 billion supply was deemed favorable by Szabo, with a significant portion (30.90%) allocated to staking rewards. This allows holders to earn gains ranging from 3% to 6% while waiting for the next bull market to emerge and prices to recover.

Moreover, the Cardano community's unwavering support for the ADA token, regardless of its price, is another critical factor in the prediction. Although the community has been described as "cult-like," Szabo believes this is one of the reasons why the token will succeed.

"The Cardano community stands out from other crypto communities due to their friendly, honest, helpful, and growing nature," the post stated.

When Will ADA Reach $5?

According to a crypto analyst, the ADA token has a bullish outlook and she believes that the price could reach up to $5, which is a 20x increase from the current price. The analyst suggests that this could happen during the next bull market cycle, which is expected to peak in 2025, providing a two-year timeframe for the prediction. The analyst points out that ADA has already hit a new all-time high of $2.96 in 2021, indicating the potential for at least double the previous high. The analyst recommends investors to consider adding ADA to their portfolio, but also emphasizes the importance of diversification.

Others are predicting $ada to hit $10. That would be an insane 40x from current price. I always recommend diversity, and strongly suggest you have a fraction of your portfolio in $ada. Now is the time to buy, stake, and wait for profit!

Presently, the ADA price is trending just above $0.25. This represents a 91.98% drop from its $3.10 all-time high from September 2021.

ADA price drops below $0.25 | Source: ADAUSD on
ADA price drops below $0.25 | Source: ADAUSD on

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