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Altcoin Season Set to Pump Crypto Due Diligence Platform’s Value – Dash 2 Trade to 10x?

Investors are eagerly anticipating the launch of Dash 2 Trade (D2T), a crypto trading and analytics platform, as it positions itself to be the premier destination for traders seeking an advantage in the cryptocurrency market.

Recently, the buzz surrounding the project has been palpable: with never-before-seen innovations and tools that grant users around-the-clock insight into crypto markets, it’s no surprise $15+ million was raised in the project’s presale.

The Dash 2 Trade platform is the brainchild of a team of veterans from the popular trading brand Learn 2 Trade, which has over 70,000 members worldwide. With the help of Quant, AI developers, and other experts, they have created a revolutionary crypto trading dashboard and ecosystem that offers a variety of features to help traders succeed.

How the FTX Disaster Benefits Dash 2 Trade

Due to the current events and accelerated development timeline, Dash 2 Trade will be launching their platform earlier than expected in order to combat scams on the crypto market.

There is an urgent need for powerful analytics tools that surpass what traditional platforms provide – and Dash 2 Trade seeks to answer this call by offering features such as comprehensive on-chain data analysis, advanced indicators used by professionals, custom alerts tailored according to user specifications, social media metrics, and more.

Dash 2 Trade’s Crypto Trading and Analytics Features

The Dash 2 Trade platform is set to revolutionize the crypto trading market with its never-before-seen innovations and tools that grant users around-the-clock insight into crypto markets. With the help of Quant, AI developers, and other experts, they have created a revolutionary crypto trading dashboard and ecosystem that offers a variety of features to help traders succeed. Now let’s take a closer look at some of these features in more detail.

AI Assistance: Dash 2 Trade’s cutting-edge AI algorithms will give a detailed overview of marketplace data and trends. Using these algorithms, traders can easily observe how digital tokens are performing or when to make investments, powering cutting-edge crypto trading and analytics.

Risk Profiler: For successful trading, it’s not just about analyzing market trends. Dash 2 Trade helps traders recognize their risk profiles and use the knowledge to make prudent trades. With this platform, you will have access to insights into the psychology of investing, including your own investment behavior; thus allowing you to better manage decisions and prevent emotional blunders while trading.

Social Metrics: What truly separates this platform from the rest is its social metrics feature, which leverages data from popular platforms like Reddit and Twitter to give investors insight into what coins are rising in popularity amongst traders. This empowers you to make informed decisions by allowing you to comprehend the positive or negative sentiment around a particular project prior to investing.

On-Chain Analysis: Dash 2 Trade offers its users unfettered access to on-chain analytics and professional grade indicators, thus allowing them to monitor market sentiment, quantify volume fluctuations, and stay abreast of price movements in nearly real-time.

Data Aggregation and Indexing: The platform tracks data from exchanges, providing an indexing service empowering users with insights into what’s happening on different blockchains and different projects.

Whale Alerts: D2T boasts an alert system for whales, which is the most efficient method to trace sizable transfers of cryptocurrency and spot possible market makers.

Trading Competitions: Users can use D2T tokens to join and gain rewards for their knowledge of trading. This encourages traders to enhance their abilities while incentivizing them with rewards.

Community: Dash 2 Trade will benefit from the collective input of investors, developers, market professionals and traders around the world. A private Discord chat is a primary platform for conversations about the website and its trading strategies.

Auto-trading: Another key feature is its automated trading features, such as portfolio monitoring and a sleek trade bot. These tools allow users to develop personalized portfolios that are tailored to their specific needs and have their trades implemented in an instant, without the need for manual intervention.

Presale token rating: Traders need sufficient information before investing their hard-earned money, which is why Dash 2 Trade has created a reliable scoring system called “DashScore” which will provide key details about presale tokens, such as whether the team is legitimate and if all audits are correctly done. With this innovative approach, investors can make informed decisions when picking out which presales they want to be part of instead of taking risks blindly. The DashScore system grades each project on five criteria with an extensive 100-point scale, giving users presale crypto trading and analytics tools.

Strategy Builder and back-testing tools: These provide users with the data they need to create profitable strategies for live market conditions. Through careful examination of key information such as volume, volatility, and order activity from well established exchanges, traders can gauge their current strategy’s chances at success before risking any capital. If the assessment shows that a different approach is needed in order to be successful, modifications can easily be made and tested again.

Subscriptions: The free tier offers access to market and social metrics. For those wanting more, the Starter tier provides a monthly subscription of 400 D2T tokens giving users detailed information on presale launches, automated trading tools, watchlist items as well as VIP Discord channel access. The Premium tier is available for 1000 DT2 and comes with everything previously mentioned plus whale alerts and pro indicators.

Dash 2 Trade is looking to change the way traders research and invest in cryptocurrency with features like automated trading, analytics, AI-driven social metrics, and more. If you’re curious about investing or just want to find out what Dash 2 Trade has to offer, take a look at their whitepaper.

Dash 2 Trade is available for trading on, LBank, BitMart, and Uniswap.

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