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The commotion of decrypting massive amounts of data sets is only a nightmare for crypto investors. Not to mention the launch of a new project almost every month, which leaves crypto investors on the edge of their seats.

With every launch, there’s a new token, a fresh fundamental, and lots of potential that need to be decrypted. Besides, reviewing, analyzing, and investing in potential projects before their boom is a massive challenge.

Interestingly, this is where AltIndex (formerly Dillibits) has stepped in to introduce reform for crypto investors. The launch of’s alternative data platforms comes as an aid to crypto investors who are looking to make informed investment decisions without burning a hole in their pocket.

In the following sections, let’s learn more about’s latest alternative data platform for crypto investors.

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AltIndex is a new alternative data platform launched by Dillibits. It aims to enhance the trade expertise of crypto users by providing better insights and greater investment opportunities. The platform's unique selling proposition is its affordability, as it is entirely free for users. Once signed up, users can leverage the platform's free data to strategize their movements across stock and crypto markets. Additionally, the platform's data inspection abilities are outstanding. It collects and analyzes data across opinions, social trends, and overall sentiment. The AI-powered platform extracts billions of data points from social media channels, including likes, comments, posts, mentions, and shares. Launches Crypto Data Platform

Core Features Of The AltIndex Platform

AltIndex Platform's Core Features

The AltIndex alternative data platform offers a range of features to help investors make informed investment decisions. One of its most highlighted features is the ability to monitor the performance of different companies. The platform employs a comprehensive approach to investment analysis, analyzing and downloading all significant data sets related to a company’s performance in real-time.

The platform uses AI software with various filters and methodologies to encompass a broad range of data points, including customer satisfaction ratings, job postings, app downloads, website traffic, and social media followers, among other critical indicators. The platform continues to analyze, compare, and track the results of different companies to benchmark its performance against industry peers.

AltIndex also offers cutting-edge solutions that allow investors to stay aware and informed of any developments in the portfolio of shortlisted companies. The platform sends timely notifications every time a company experiences a significant surge in their website, an uptick in page traffic, or a shift in employee satisfaction levels, among other crucial indicators.

Investors can track the companies and projects in their portfolio over time and stay informed on alerts, critical news, and market trends. AltIndex also features top lists and other valuable resources that analyze investment strategies and help investors stay ahead in their investment game.

Special Segregation Of The Stock Market

AltIndex is an all-in-one alternative data platform designed for investors in both the stock and crypto markets. With a wide range of tools available, the platform caters to the needs of both crypto enthusiasts and stock market investors alike.

In addition to supporting thousands of companies listed under different categories in the US stock market, AltIndex also provides users with the ability to discover trending stocks. By clicking on a particular stock, users can access alternative data points and reports on the given share, including some of the best small-cap stocks on the NASDAQ and NYSE.

Robust Brand Sentiment Analysis

AltIndex is an alternative data platform that offers a unique sentiment analysis feature. In addition to analyzing traditional market data, the platform examines social data such as handle reach, number of likes, followers, comments, and searches. It also looks at overall brand sentiment created by the company on social media.

AltIndex tracks patterns in job postings related to corresponding stocks, which can indicate financial performance. The platform also offers alternative statistics on news mentions, ESG ratings, and the general state of the economy. Additionally, AltIndex keeps tabs on new patent applications.

This platform is particularly helpful for those looking for biotech stocks with novel medicines and who have no prior expertise in analyzing alternative data. Based on the information it collects, AltIndex provides stock price projections to help users get an idea of the future performance of any given share.

Sourcing Data Just Got Easier!

With its offering, AltIndex seeks to add value and innovation to its users. Since the platform is free to use and offers almost every possible data set that influences the crypto and stock markets, it is one of the best premier-grade tools to give you an edge in your investment journey.

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