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Announcing the Launch of Ursa Live’s Music NFT Marketplace for Emerging Artists

New York, United States, 25th July, 2022, Chainwire — Founded by former artist/producer Chad Royce and former artist manager Larissa Brown-White, Ursa Live makes live streaming accessible and interactive while monetizing fan communities for emerging artists.

Ursa’s marketplace is set to launch with emerging artist Tarra Thiessen of Tea Eater. This will be a limited edition drop of 27 Music NFTs of her first single “I’m Starting a Podcast” and will be exclusively released as utility-packed music NFT in collaboration with Ursa Live. It will not be available on music streaming platforms. The utility for this NFT includes two private events for NFT holders where Tarra will offer tarot card readings, as well as exclusive demo drops and artwork drops.

Founder Chad Royce is excited about offering Web3 tools specifically to emerging artists. He says “we’ve all seen drops from established artists and superstars, but to a certain degree the emerging artists have been left behind. We think music NFTs, and the utility that they provide, are a perfect way for emerging artists to strengthen their fan communities while giving fans more concrete benefits in return.”
Tea Eater has established a solid fan base with many notable followers (including folk rocker Beck) and recently performed for the high fashion house Celine at their official fashion week afterparty in Paris. Tarra adds, “With more direct fan-to-artist avenues opening up in web3, artists will be given back their power and create stronger communities who can grow and collaborate with each other rather than the current system of passive followers of socials and playlists promoted towards them by a robot for the benefit of tech billionaires.”

Ursa Live is creating a marketplace that is user-friendly to both fans who may be new to Web3, and the artists themselves, while also realizing that there is some education to be done in the Web3 space. From a recent Ursa Live social post: “Music NFTs (digital collectibles) are a direct iteration of fandom and offer a unique way to have an intimate connection with an artist. In the same way, fans collect setlists, drumsticks, t-shirts, posters, and tickets from shows, music NFT is personally crafted to connect in a meaningful way to the artist’s fan base.” With Ursa’s inaugural drop, Tea Eater will be giving her NFT holders one-on-one tarot card readings on the Ursa Live platform.

Co-Founder Larissa Brown-White is enthusiastic about the evolution of music fandom, and how that can bring more opportunity to emerging artists. “By purchasing an NFT, fans not only receive utility benefits but also participate in the success of the artist over the long term. Emerging artists have often relied on crowdfunding to help them bring projects to market, and now fans have the opportunity to not only support but also benefit in interactive ways. Web3 is an exciting frontier to explore for both artists and fans, and we look forward to exploring it with them.”
Ursa Live has partnered with London-based Web3 agency, Top Dog Studios, to launch its Web3 journey. “We are delighted to enable Ursa Live to enter the wonderful world of Web3 with our end-to-end solution. From minting NFTs and distributing them to the music community, to leveraging them with token-gated content, utility, and a new generation of digital relationships, Ursa uses our platform to its full extent,” said Paul Price, Founder of Top Dog Studios.

NFT Drop details

Available for purchase here:

“I’m Starting a Podcast” exclusively released as a Music NFT

Public drop July 27th – 10am

Get on the presale list July 25th – 10am

Quantity: 27

Price: $27

About URSA

URSA is a live streaming platform offering music artists the tools to live stream directly to their fan communities.



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