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Anyone can become a creator and earn crypto with WUBITS

According to some, Web3 is the be-all and end-all; it will wipe out Web2 completely and turn everything we know about the internet on its head. This might sound a little extreme, so let’s consider: Can creators earn with Web3? Yes. Does it represent a huge opportunity for creators? Massive yes. Will it eliminate and take over Web2 platforms? No.

Web3 creates an opportunity for creators to move away from the flawed and centralized system of Web2. The mantra of the creator system is that creators make the content while the companies earn the cash. Although some creators that have managed to amass a large following are making a decent living, the platforms make the most money in the end. Social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook own the audience, data, and revenue. Creators make money primarily through sponsorships or attracting their followers to ads placed on the platform by algorithms – algorithms that might change anytime to favor certain creators over the rest.

All these issues and more have led to a surge in demand for new creator platforms like Patreon and Substack, as they allow creators to host their own content and monetize directly with their fans. However, these platforms are also centralized, subject to censorship, and take 5 -20% in platform fees. Web3 solutions are popping up to properly compensate creators, creating a fairer and more transparent economy.

WUBITS is a Web3 social platform that combines the best part of the Web2 and Web3 creator economy platforms, creating a community-led space where anyone can become a creator and earn based on their contributions.

The WUBITS Solution

For creators, the key to leveraging Web3 starts with finding the right platform. The utmost importance is retaining total control of revenue and content. That’s why decentralized social platforms like WUBITS take the creator economy a step further. With WUBITS, anyone can become a creator, retain full ownership of their identity and content, and monetize directly with fans, not advertisers.

This is true as the platform is already helping many creators monetize, especially crypto/stock trading analysts. Currently, WUBITS has a dedicated user base already monetizing through its platform.

“We joined WUBITS because it’s a promising web3 social media platform that offers users a unique and decentralized experience. The platform’s use of blockchain technology allows for a greater level of transparency and fairness, as well as the ability for users to truly own and control their data and identity.”

Says FortuneNode, a blockchain-based platform that looks to educate, support, and build cutting-edge trading tools powered by AI to improve the lives of people.

“The ability to turn your ideas and content into revenue, promote premium content and earn crypto sets it apart from most web3 socials. We believe that WUBITS is a platform worth checking out for anyone interested in the potential of decentralized technology and blockchain.” they continued.

The platform combines everything great about Web2 (excluding the censorship and ads) and Web3 into a familiar social engine powered by blockchain. Fans can directly invest in their favorite creator’s content, and posts have a monetary value that can go up or down if the creator wishes, and it’s all decentralized.

Earning Crypto on WUBITS

There are different ways for creators to monetize their content and earn crypto on WUBITS without being restricted to only subscription models. Crypto payments on WUBITS are peer-to-peer and powered by smart contracts deployed on the Polygon, an Ethereum sidechain.

Creators can easily create their WUBITS accounts, set it up for monetization, create premium paid posts for users, set its price, and earn crypto (MATIC, USDT, etc.) when fans pay for the post or tip them.

Users, on the other hand, can also get a slice of the ‘crypto’ pie through premium content promotion. In WUBITS, anyone can earn crypto by simply reposting and sharing other people’s paid content. As a fan, you’re not limited to liking, commenting, or sharing to show support, you can also earn commission in crypto by promoting their premium content.

Additionally, content promotion isn’t limited to the WUBITS platform as it can be done on other social media platforms (Twitter, Telegram, etc.).

Wrapping Up

Through Web3, creators can finally be rewarded like the entrepreneurs they are and monetize through equity in the community they build. As we venture into the new creator-to-fan direct relationship and the future of the creator economy, it’s exciting to see how new natives like WUBITS help creators earn the income they deserve. Join WUBITS, follow them on their Twitter and Telegram, and start earning.

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