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ApeX Pro Live on Mainnet: Year-Long Trade-to-Earn Rewards Launched

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, November 14, 2022 — ApeX Pro, a non-custodial decentralized exchange (DEX) built on the multi-chain permissionless trading network ApeX Protocol, is now live on mainnet. Derivatives traders can now access leverage-supported perpetual contract trades and community-based trading events, starting with a year-long Trade-to-Earn program that tabulates and settles rewards consistently week-on-week for any individual trading on ApeX Pro.

A DEX With the CEX Experience

Powered by StarkWare’s Layer 2 scalability engine StarkEx, ApeX Pro is focused on the vision of a decentralized future while working on solutions that solve liquidity, slippage, capital and usability inefficiencies in the current DEX market.

ApeX Pro, available on both desktop and app, has created a level playing field that encompasses the best qualities of a DEX and centralized exchange (CEX) without any trade-offs, ensuring dynamic and robust trading customizations for all.

In light of recent market conditions, ApeX Pro’s release of its reward-generating Trade-to-Earn event will go a long way to providing traders, both existing and new on the platform, with a safe and easy-to-earn alternative to growing their portfolios.

52-Week Trade-to-Earn Event With Weekly Distribution

With the official mainnet launch, ApeX Pro unveils its Trade-to-Earn program for the first time, where any individual can trade the decentralized perpetual swaps market to earn additional rewards, distributed weekly.

This recurring weekly event is now available on mainnet, and sees the introduction of ApeX Pro’s native reward token, $BANA, that was designed to drive enhanced liquidity for ApeX Protocol’s main governance token $APEX in a dual-token system.

$BANA is minted with a fixed supply of 25,000,000 $APEX and awarded to any trader on ApeX Pro as long as they make a trade in any week during the event period. At the closing of a Trade-to-Earn epoch (measured weekly), $BANA rewards are calculated based on a combination of trading fees, open interests and the $BANA-USDC LP Token balance available within that week.

Tangible Trader Benefits

Traders can expect to receive their $BANA earnings after each round closes, and choose to:

  • Instantly swap $BANA for USDC

  • Add liquidity to the $BANA-USDC liquidity pool in exchange for LP Tokens that will multiply a trader’s owned $BANA

  • Accumulate their $BANA holdings until the Trade-to-Earn program finishes at the end of 52 weeks and redeem $APEX for $BANA — $APEX is available for trading on exchanges such as Bybit and Uniswap

At the same time, just for professional traders who have previously interacted with and traded on specified derivatives DEXs in the market, ApeX Pro’s Retroactive Airdrop comprising 1,000,000 $esAPEX tokens is up for grabs. They will only need to reach simple deposit and trading task tiers on ApeX Pro to earn and claim up to 1,000 $esAPEX per address. With the Retroactive Airdrop, ApeX Pro is inviting the community to take another step towards a Web3 future — on a trading platform that not only has verifiable security, but enhanced usability commonly seen on centralized exchanges (CEXs).

Sprinting Towards Web3 Social Trading

ApeX Pro is on a mission to make all crypto trades decentralized and social, because trades that are made together are better. Social trading underpinned by the launch of a new Soulbound Token (SBT), ApeSoul, and copy trading are set for release in Q1 2023.

In the meantime, ApeX Pro traders can look forward to the newly launched Affiliate Program, along with the much-awaited upcoming Revenue Sharing and Referral programs.

About ApeX Pro

ApeX Pro is a non-custodial trading platform that delivers limitless cross-margined perpetual contracts to its metacommunity under a new social trading framework. It is primed to deliver limitless access to the perpetual swaps market with its order book model, as it remains committed to the promises of not just speed and efficiency, but also security with transparency on traders’ preferred derivatives trading assets.

Disclaimer: This is a paid release that was not written by Crypto Online News. The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the content provider and do not necessarily represent those of Crypto Online News. Crypto Online News does not guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of information available in such content. Do your research and invest at your own risk.

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