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Arat Hosseini Unveiled as Next Superstar NFT in World League Live

Arat Hosseini is probably the most famous footballer in the world who’s never played a professional game.

Probably because he’s 9 years old.

Freddy Adu may have been a global sensation at 13, but this kid beats him by 4 whole years. Arat’s powerful physique and mesmeric skills has captured the hearts and imaginations of football fans all over the world, and he boasts 5.8m instagram followers before he’s even made his debut. Much is expected of the young wunderkind and Arat has already had a spell at Liverpool Academy in his march to professional glory.

Arat went viral after his father showed off his impressive physique, outrageous talent, and beaming smile. Many were flabbergasted at how strong he was, and that strength served him well in the junior game as he blasted past defenders with a simple shrug of his outsized shoulders.

Everyone predicts him to be a superstar. In many people’s eyes, he already is.

World League Live Arat Whitelist now Live

So it’s with some excitement that World League Live – the fast-paced arcade football frenzy on iOS and Android – has announced Arat to be the next superstar NFT available to collect. Despite him not yet gracing the world’s most hallowed pitches, Arat will soon be available to play in the World League Live season, where budding managers can develop him and take him to the glorious success he will doubtless achieve.

World League Live’s superstar NFTs are special player characters for use in-game that can grow and develop their power over time as they play games in the World League Live season. Superstar NFTs bring a little bit of magic to any team’s lineup as they showcase their devastating talents on the field. World League Live has already seen tremendous success with its inaugural Del Piero NFT. Yet, due to limited supply, not everyone could get their hands on one. With the Arat whitelist, those who missed out will get a second chance.

Sign ups for the Arat Hosseini Mint are now live, directly through the World League Live website. 180,000+ active users currently play the game, so competition for the NFT will doubtless be tough. But you have to be in it to win it, so head on over and try and secure your slot now.

Why Superstar NFTs Are So Valuable

Superstar NFTs are much more than just player upgrades for your team. They also open up a host of boutique sports metaverse experiences and come with a whole set of skins, power ups, and accessories that you can flaunt in the sports metaverse that World League Live is building.

They give players a chance to earn through their efforts. By collecting, training, and exhibiting their superstar NFT, players can develop their talents. Once they’ve coached the player, users can sell their NFTs to other players who want to fasttrack their way to success. Think of it like a transfer market in game, but with real token rewards that have tangible value. The Arat NFT launch coincides with the launch of a new Play With the Stars event featuring Arat, where World League Live players will have a chance to play against Arat himself, with holders of the NFT in with an extra chance.

Whether you’re new to World League Live, or already an active player, the Arat Hosseini whitelist is a fantastic chance to get more out of the beautiful game. Don’t miss your chance to grab one of the first ever World League Live superstar NFTs. With a huge and ever growing community of football fanatics, it’s likely in the years to come these debut NFTs will be worth more than any other. So get ready to kick off your superstar NFT collection with Arat Hosseini NFT, and sign up before the transfer window closes!

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