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Arbitrum about to Airdrop more than Optimism earlier? Oryen sets pace with +110% Gains

Crypto is booming as more people are investing daily in this asset class. But what is the driving force behind this industry's growth? The answer is simple: New projects with innovative ideas and cutting-edge technologies. Through them, crypto technologies create solutions to address customer concerns and maximize ROI.

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Introducing Oryen, a new staking platform currently in the third presale phase. Early investors of this platform are already experiencing doubled rewards, and price indicators suggest a continuation of the upswing. This enables $ORY to rank among Arbitrum and Optimism as an optimal passive income-generating solution. There are several reasons to support this claim, and let's look at them in isolation.

What is the Oryen Network (ORY)?

The Oryen Network is reportedly changing the game in the crypto industry with its secure platform and ground-breaking Oryen Autostaking Technic (OAT). With OAT, investors can stake their tokens and receive a consistent return of 90% APY. In addition, SolidProof audits the platform, and users immediately receive rewards in their wallets as a bonus.

Oryen's trade and anti-whale tax mechanisms help secure the network and reward users for holding tokens. The project also has a Risk-Free Value (RFV) which protects against market fluctuations and provides a high rate of return.

What is Arbitrum?

Arbitrum is a scaling solution that enhances Ethereum smart contracts by making them faster and cheaper to execute. It uses a unique technique to make transactions on Ethereum more scalable and inexpensive.

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The Arbitrum Rollup technology enables two chains to interact, with transaction processing taking place at layer 2. This results in a drastic increase in working speed and efficiency.

Understanding Optimism

With Optimism, you can reduce transaction fees and processing times on the Ethereum blockchain without sacrificing decentralization or security. By handling transactions off-chain, Optimism takes advantage of Ethereum's infrastructure to provide a scalable solution for businesses and users alike.

So as Optimism can help reduce the load on Ethereum by removing the burden of financial transactions, it benefits from reduced congestion on the network.

Why are users airdropping to Arbitrum more than Optimism?

A cryptocurrency airdrop allows companies to give away coins or tokens to active blockchain community members. This is usually done free of cost or in exchange for a small service, like retweeting a post.

Arbitrum's layer-2 network is a hot spot for airdrop hunters. Why? Because its token hasn’t launched yet and on top, it offers new and updated features over Optimism. Arbitrum's multi-round fraud-proof system is more effective than Optimism's single-round fraud-proof system. In practice, while all of Optimism's transactions are verified on Ethereum, Arbitrum's transactions pass through multiple rounds to resolve disputes. This leaves Ethereum unburdened and provides a more effective fraud-proof system.

The Bottom Line

As if the choice between Arbitrum and Optimism wasn't already difficult, a new contender has emerged in the market in the form of Oryen. This new auto-staking platform balances sustainability with the community's expectations. This way, the project can add new members while retaining early investors. Based on this trend, the 110%+ gains of ORY seem justified, and it also shows potential for favorable price development in the future.

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