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Baby Ape NFTs Launch Shortly; Lady Apes to Welcome Bundles of Joy

The female counterpart of the popular Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) collection, the Lady Ape Club (LAC) has officially announced that it will be airdropping Baby Ape NFTs next week. The team at Lady Ape Club has also stated that the airdrop is based on an #STRMNFT snapshot taken on October 15.

Marketed as bringing excitement to the uneventful life of the Bored Apes of BAYC, the imaginative Lady Ape Club collection features female versions of the iconic Bored Apes decked up in everything from gold jackets to frilled frocks.

This new addition of the tiny tots is assured to bring more thrill and a sense of adventure into the collection. The crypto community is already excited to see what new avatars the baby apes will come out in. “I’m sure that the baby apes will be adorable and eccentric at the same time,” claims a fan of the Lady Apes.

Notably, back in July, this witty and inventive collection grabbed a coveted spot on a prominent NFT marketplace’s Top 10, dethroning several other popular projects at the time. And the arrival of these new little darlings could propel the collection back into the spotlight.

When the Lady Ape collection launched on the STRMNFT marketplace earlier this year, 9000 of them were sold out within a matter of a few hours. This says a lot about the sizzling NFT ensemble. For the uninitiated, STRMNFT is an up-and-coming platform created to expand the utility of NFTs to all types of users. The platform was officially launched in May this year and opened its first sale in July with the LAC NFTs.

While the trading volume of NFT has dropped nearly 98% since January, many believe that the NFT market is poised for a comeback. Recent reports also hint toward positive adoption signals at an institutional level and continued growth in use cases. Moreover, C-level executives in major crypto firms have explicitly stated that they are bullish on the NFT space. And though several barriers exist today, NFT fanatics hope that the future holds much in store for them.

For more updates about LAC’s distribution, offers, and announcements, users can follow the project’s official social media accounts on Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Discord. Interested users can also check out LAC’s website for more information regarding the collection.

About LAC

Lady Ape Club (LAC) is a collection of 10,000 Lady Ape NFTs. LAC is not affiliated with Yuga Labs. Nonetheless, the NFT collection gives consumers full ownership and commercial use rights. The LAC collection was designed by the TNC Art Team, which is the creative wing of the TNC group — one of the leading companies in the blockchain industry, with over 500 developers and experts providing blockchain solutions all over the world.

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