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Battle Infinity’s IBAT to List on MEXC Global – Be Ready for Price Lift Off

Delhi, India, Monday 7th November 2022 – Metaverse play-to-earn gaming platform Battle Infinity is listing its IBAT token on MEXC Global on Tuesday 8th November at 06.00 UTC, in the second major centralized exchange (CEX) listing for the platform.

Battle Infinity is building a fantasy sports gaming ecosystem that will initially target the Indian Premier League – the largest cricket league in the world – and is going head to head with existing legacy players such as Dream11, which has around 100 million downloaders of its app.

Given the huge market opportunity, India-based Battle Infinity’s development team has been hard at work to deliver its products, having already released the ecosystem's staking system, which sees IBAT holders earn up to 25% APY.

IBAT is currently priced at $0.003197.

Get ready for market-beating gains in the IBAT price

When IBAT first started trading on the Pancakeswap decentralized exchange in mid-August, it saw gains for investors of 700%. Since then, IBAT has also been listed on Hong Kong-based centralized exchange LBank, and that event led to a 100% gain.

With that in mind, the listing on MEXC, which is the 19th-ranked CEX by verified 24-hour trading volume according to crypto data site Coinmarketcap, is likely to see similarly positive price action. MEXC currently has trading daily volumes of $1.7 billion.

To mark the occasion of the listing, MEXC is offering the chance to participate in an airdrop of 8,250,000 IBAT.

Sign up at MEXC Global, and if you land one of the 600 winning tickets – and even if you don’t get one of those, there’s 1,650,000 IBAT set aside for those with losing tickets.

The tickets are awarded to new sign-ups in proportion to their trading during the active period. More details are available on the MEXC Global website.

Battle Infinity aims for world domination of fantasy sports

Although Battle Infinity is concentrating on cricket as its first sport, it is by no means limiting itself to that. There are plans to expand into all the major sports, from the richest football league in the world, the English Premier League, to the likes of the National Basketball League in the US.

Battle Infinity's tagline, 'Multiverse of Metaverse,' goes beyond fantasy sports and gaming to include the metaverse, creating an opportunity for a multibillion-dollar industry

From a sporting standpoint, though, fantasy leagues will be taken out of their current static format and ultimately transformed into virtual stadium settings, where the teams and their players can battle opponents and secure rewards in the process as they rise up the leaderboard.

Battle Infinity beats Axie Infinity by relying on skill and jeopardy – the bedrock of all good games

In contrast to games such as Axie Infinity, which earned itself the unenviable reputation of being a boring and repetitive game to play, Battle Infinity takes the opposite approach by relying on skill and jeopardy to underpin gameplay – the bedrock of all good games.

Fantasy Leagues are popular with sports fans precisely because they allow users to demonstrate their level of knowledge and understanding of their chosen sport and show off their skills to secure competitive advantage.

Battle Infinity takes fantasy sports to the next level by allowing users to monetize their knowledge and skills, using the play-to-earn game mechanics based on NFTs that crypto technology enables.

In addition to picking teams with the best players as determined by real-world results and battling other teams, platform users will also be able to advertise on virtual billboards and communicate in a metaverse space on myriad levels.

The whole commercial experience of real-world leagues can be replicated online, from spectators to building stadiums and selling tickets for matches and other events, while each player’s avatar interacts with others in the Battle Infinity multiverse.

Gaming is Crypto’s hottest and most valuable sector

GameFi and blockchain-based gaming have proven to be one of the strongest-performing sectors of crypto this year as the Crypto Winter sets in.

CoinGecko values the GameFi sector at $6.4 billion in market cap terms, while top games such as Alien Worlds has a quarter of a million unique active wallets interacting with its smart contracts and over a million active users.

Overall, gaming accounts for 60% of decentralized application activity. And more broadly, the metaverse is valued by consultants McKinsey as a $5 trillion opportunity by 2030.

Battle Infinity has a strong position in its Indian home market. Its supporters include top cricketers and Bollywood stars – the Battle Infinity launch party in Delhi in mid-August attracted, among others, former Miss Universe beauty queen and now Bollywood actress Urvashi Rautela, as well as cricketing legend Irfan Pathan. Visit Battle Infinity

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