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BAYC's Monkeys Come Alive in Black and White in IONNYK's Frames

An exclusive strategy

Contrary to many projects that tend to go overboard and overproduce, the IONNYK team has chosen the exact opposite strategy by producing only 100 engraved and personalized frames that will all be delivered during 2022 exclusively to interested BAYC NFT owners.

In concrete terms, only a few "happy few" will be able to benefit from this ultra-exclusive offer and thus exhibit their monkeylike work in a digital art frame signed by IONNYK.

Buyers will receive:

  • 1 personalized IONNYK frame.

  • 1 personalized NFT.

  • 1 certificate of origin of the artwork in NFT format and printed on premium paper

  • 1 personalized protective case

A custom digital artwork

Lucky BAYC monkey owners who choose to display their work in the specially designed IONNYK frame will experience a unique evolutionary experience every day. Their highly colored monkey will go into black and white mode and literally evolve on the wall. Indeed, the work will tell part of the story of its owner and reinforce the uniqueness of the NFT. It is this dynamic personalization work that was accomplished by the IONNYK teams and that allows them to create an "Ape piece of art."

The easiest way to see the final result is to take a look at the presentation video that features BAYC #1231. The automatic evolution of the ape makes it a unique work of art.

Manage your board with your smartphone

Through the mobile app (available on iOS and Android), owners of the custom frame will be able to choose from seven automatic animation sequences that will change the appearance of the monkey on display every morning. Of course, it is possible to default to one of the seven sequences for as long as desired and momentarily forgo the option of alternating sequences on a daily basis.

The star system falls for monkeys

Since its launch last year, the BAYC NFT (non-fungible token) collection built on Ethereum has been a global craze and has attracted a lot of attention, starting with the many stars who have joined the very select club of BAYC monkey owners. Among them, we can mention the American presenter Jimmy Fallon, the rapper Snoop Dogg, Madonna, Justin Bieber, the footballer Neymar and Paris Hilton.

Buying an NFT Bored Ape is not like any other purchase. By becoming an owner, each buyer has de facto access to the private online club as well as exclusive in-person events. The word exclusive takes on its full meaning.

By purchasing one of the IONNIK frames, NFT BAYC owners will not only get the perfect setting to showcase them at home but will also join the very exclusive club of those who own the IONNIK case. This club is even more exclusive as only 100 frames per year will be produced and shipped.

High-end digital frames

IONNYK's frames are themselves a work of art and a true technological gem to hang on the wall.

The designers of the frames have succeeded in imitating the look of paper to perfection, thanks to state-of-the-art technology. The secret lies in the use of millions of tiny ink capsules that give the various works on display realism and a grain that are simply exceptional.

For art lovers who are indifferent to monkey pictures, even if they are very famous, IONNYK is much more than a frame. It is a real digital art gallery at home, and users can choose from an extensive collection of works to display.

It is hard not to appreciate the design of the frames proposed by IONNYK in the framework of this partnership with BAYC, as it is subtle and pure. The wall cases that will house the monkeys are fashion of black aluminum, and the protective glass has anti-glare properties, a technology also appreciated by many European museums. The frames are produced in Europe in an authentic and responsible way.

For IONNYK, the quality of the rendering is a parameter that cannot be compromised. And one only has to look closely at the artworks in question to fully appreciate the sharpness and high resolution that ink-on-paper prints are capable of producing.

Sometimes decried and belittled as "sub-art" by some backward-looking people, digital art and NFT are, on the contrary, a formidable and helpful breath of fresh air in the art world. Digital art has no more to be ashamed. It can be elegant and unifying (users can choose what will be displayed in their frame) or carry exclusive content, which is the subject of this article.

The power of digital art... in print!

Among the many advantages of IONNYK frames, besides the impeccable quality of the final rendering, there is the absence of contingencies such as the management of the board's power supply, which operates without any cables. The project team managed to make their frame autonomous for a period of twelve months, no less! Goodbye to the ugly power cord that is only used once a year! Please note that IONNYK's competitors have still not managed to do without the hideous power cord that must constantly remain connected to their devices.

To remember

  • Offer is only available to verified BAYC owners.

  • The offer can only be ordered with a referral code: Ask for your referral code at (Check your spam) or through a BAYC owner.

  • The referral code allows a 30% discount on the normal value of the offer and will give 15% cashback to the referrer (no limit on referrals is applied).

  • The cashback is paid in ApeCoins on the sponsor's chosen crypto wallet.

With just a few days to go before Ape Fest in New York City from June 20 to 23, 2022, BAYC's NFT monkeys are sure to be the talk of the town. Especially since they now have IONNYK's beautiful frames at their disposal to display in black and white in a very, very classy mode.

To learn more about the offer: Follow the social networks of BAYC: Twitter & Discord. Follow IONNYK on Facebook & Instagram.

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