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Best Crypto to Buy Today 23 December – TNNS, FGHT, D2T, LUNC, CCHG, ETC, RIA, TARO

With inflation expectations falling and the Federal Reserve seeming evermore likely to pivot, bullish sentiment appears to have once more returned to the markets, and investors are looking to presales for some of the best possible returns.


TNNS is developing a platform that merges NFTs with the trillion-dollar market of rare Sports industry. TNNS is expected to deliver amazing returns, especially to early investors. The current TNNS price of $0.01 on bitmart is expected to boost to 4,000% in 2023.

TNNS is a leader in blockchain technology and sports NFTs has now launched a TNNS NFT marketplace (now in beta) using the smart chain protocols. Athletes can collaborate with digital artists, musicians & film makers. At the moment, TNNS has launched it for Tennis Players, and others categories such as football, MMA Fighters, Beach Volleyball, Basketball...etc shall be ready soon, so please stay tuned! Therefore, it can be considered one of the safest cryptocurrency investments anyone can consider going for in 2023.


FightOut is a brand new project capitalising on the exploding popularity of the “move to earn” sector, which has been growing exponentially over the course of 2022 despite the market downturn more broadly.

Those who make use of the FightOut platform are eligible to earn FGHT tokens as a reward for exercising, and can track the process that their avatar makes with their statistics in the FightOut metaverse landscape.


Dash 2 Trade is the premier crypto signals and trading platform that provides traders and investors with all the information that they need to take the right trading decisions.

In addition technical analysis and social sentiment analysis, those who use the platform will be able to invest in presales and curate their own trading strategies.

There isn’t much time left in the presale before the project starts trading, meaning that those who want to acquire tokens more cheaply ought to look into the presale on their website, which has now raised $10.4m.


After the collapse of LUNA, Do Kwon decided to spend his time working instead on Luna 2.0.

However, Luna Classic (LUNC) has continued to exist, and there have been many in the industry that have tried to help to reinvigorate the project by implementing mechanics such as token burns.


C-Charge is a brand new company that is trying to reinvigorate the industry of carbon credits with its native token, CCHG.

The ESG market has been growing exponentially over the course of the last few years and there are currently no indications that this growth will be slowing any time soon.

Their presale is currently live on their website, and has been selling out extremely quickly – the current price of the CCHG token is being sold for just $0.013, but this will soon rise to $0.0165.


Ethereum Classic has been gaining a lot of traction over the course of the past few months, as Ethereum made the controversial decision to move from proof of work to proof of stake.

Despite lacklustre price performance recently, there are many who are hoping that the value of ETC may be able to recover in the coming months, given that it is now one of the more dominant proof of work blockchains that is Turing complete.


RIA is the native currency of the Calvaria ecosystem, which is a play to earn ecosystem in which players can battle against one another and curate their card decks to create the best teams possible.

RIA is now in the final stage of its presale, and the team has managed to already successfully raise $2.5m for the project.

In the coming weeks, RIA will begin trading on exchanges – those who want to acquire tokens at a discount don’t have long left before the prices rise.


TARO is the native token for the RobotEra metaverse, which is a brand new metaverse capitalising on the robot niche.

Those who wish to take part in the RobotEra world can construct their own cities and planets with the help of robots, and can use their land to host all sorts of events and games.

There are even opportunities to earn for one’s participation, with capital being distributed in the TARO token to those gamers who are the most proficient.

The presale has now managed to raise $600k, and the price of the token is currently being sold for $0.20. Head over to the RobotEra website now to participate in the presale before the price rises to $0.025.

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