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BIB Meta Now allows Users to own Superstar NFTs

The excitement around the NFT ecosystem is constantly winding down because the volume in most NFT marketplaces has dropped by more than 90%, mainly because most people have focused on selling digital artwork. Still, other use cases like NFT ticketing and gaming have been ignored. BIB Meta is a company exploring other use cases of NFT through sport.

BIB Meta announced to its users the opportunity to win a safelist spot for their enormous range of superstar NFT, and it got people talking. The ecosystem embraces Defi, NFT, GameFi, and many more that can introduce and support the sales of NFT, trading, match predictions, NFT collection, community nodes, virtual sports games, and more.

They are the first platform that introduces the collaboration with the World Cup to mint a series of NFTs to remember the events that go on the pitch. The plan is to create a pack of trading cards of 160 exclusively picked football stars for each of the 32 teams. These NFTs will grade these stars based on their ratings, and the users will be able to purchase them at a public sale organized by BIB, which will come up in November.

These series of trading cards are what they refer to as Superstar NFT. BIB Meta Superstar NFT is a collection derived from Qatar World Cup 2022 that comprises 24010 pieces of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). It furnishes World Cup fans with collection values and at the same time is being empowered by the formation of the whole Web3 ecosystem. With limitless possibilities, users get to in a sense be more engaged immersing in BIB Meta. BIB Meta Superstar is originated and finely crafted by a world-renowned designer with elements of World Cup, in which every NFT is a unique piece of art. Join BIB Meta to set off an exciting and thrilling World Cup journey with BIB Meta Superstar.

For the presale, BIB Meta has previously come up with a whitelist (a database of wallet addresses that receive early access to an NFT collection before its public launch) activity so as win a spot where you can get access to the Superstar NFT before the rest of the Market get the key and at a much lower transaction fee.

BIB Meta has also launched an online-only auction activity that gives global users the opportunity first to experience 4 exclusive 3-star Superstar NFTs. At this time around, One of the BIB Meta Superstar NFTs featuring Joshua Kimmich successfully fetched 4.1k BUSD. All you need to know is that users who skate 3 or 4-star NFTs and self-delegate a certain amount of BIB tokens to the node are allowed to form a community node with NFT credentials representing the ownership, earning BIB Meta dividends.

Previously, BIB meta opened limited whitelist spots for these Superstar NFTs, as BIB Meta has provided only 3,000 NFT whitelist spots for the actions, and it was going as a first to achieve the points in a first-served manner. The fastest to complete the tasks will get the spot if the user has not reached the limit to win the areas.

Prospective buyers should take investment in BIB Meta Sport NFTs lightly as going by the road map they have provided. They can expect more important things from the platform. The future value of owning a BIB Meta Sport NFT is immeasurable, especially for this upcoming world cup event but having a Superstar NFT whitelist is essential and immeasurable.

Therefore, getting the first hand on the NFT will be an opportunity that can’t be passed on. However, to participate in the event, users who want to participate in the FIFA world cup will have to hurry up and buy before the deadline.

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