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Big Eyes Coin Raises $20.15 Million In Presale, As Binance, Bitcoin Get Contrasting Fortunes

As cryptocurrency gets bigger and gains more popularity, investors are always on the lookout to cash in on the most promising cryptocurrencies. Undoubtedly, the digital currency industry is set to cause a major paradigm shift in the global market, with various countries planning to enact legislations that will make cryptocurrency a legal tender.

As the industry big boys, Bitcoin, Binance and BNB, continue to consolidate their positions as market leaders, it is expedient to take note of promising newbies who are making giant strides, offering an equally good, if not better, alternative platform for crypto investment.

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Big Eyes Coin: Making Strong Statement Of Intent

The name Big Eyes Coin (BIG) may not yet be as big as Binance, BNB or Ethereum. However, it is certainly not unfamiliar to crypto investors who have been following market developments in recent times. This is as the cat-themed coin has raised $20.15 million in presale, edging closer to its official launch into the retail market.

The promising meme token is almost ready to launch, having now raised 40 percent of the target USD 50 million. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) presents a new investment opportunity that places equal emphasis on social responsibility and financial success. BIG is a safe and dependable choice in the cryptocurrency market due to it having a strong team, a broad selection of offerings, as well as a balanced approach to investment.

Binance Still Weathering The Storm

It has not been a great past couple of days for industry giant Binance, after facing a series of insider trading allegations. A director at Coinbase named Conor Grogan claimed on Monday that there had been some rather blatant insider trading at Binance over the previous 18 months. Apparently, such accusations have been made against them in the past, so this path is not a new one for Binance.

However, Binance has also struggled to stay afloat in the last seven days, as it currently huffs and puffs around a dollar per unit. Having wriggled itself out of such allegations in the past, many have tipped Binance to stage a grand comeback and retain its position as a giant in the fast-growing industry.

Bitcoin Continues Epic Rebound

Bitcoin has had a good outing in the past couple of days, reaching its highest level in five months as it closed in on USD 24,000, Monday morning in Asia. AIt has also been a great outing for cryptocurrency in general, as the entire market value of cryptocurrencies remained above US$1 trillion for the eighth day in a row.

BTC continues to show strength, after experiencing huge falls mid 2022, when it sold below USD 20,000, one of its lowest after breaking onto USD1 in 2011.

It is important to note the huge benefits of investing early in cryptocurrency, as demonstrated by Bitcoin. Having sold for about USD 1 in 2011 and selling for around USD24,000 on Monday, early investors can only look back and be proud of starting off with Bitcoin.

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