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Bitcoin, Ethereum Shrink; Tradecurve Targets 50x Presale Boost

Bitcoin, Ethereum Shrink; Tradecurve Targets 50x Presale Boost
Bitcoin, Ethereum Shrink; Tradecurve Targets 50x Presale Boost

Here's an update on a promising crypto project called Tradecurve. Despite the popularity of Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC), newer and better projects often go unnoticed by investors. Tradecurve has already had 4 successful presales, raising over $4 million. Investors can still register before the ongoing 5th presale closes to take advantage of the remaining time.

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Bitcoin (BTC) May Give More Stacks To MicroStrategy Soon; The Token Trades At $29,019.48. Bitcoin, Ethereum Shrink; Tradecurve Targets 50x Presale Boost

Bitcoin (BTC) has a large user base as it was the first cryptocurrency to exist. Among its buyers are well-known personalities, including MicroStrategy, a top software developer who has consistently bought Bitcoin stakes over the past few years. However, MicroStrategy is planning to sell his Bitcoin stake to raise up to $750 million, with the intention of buying more tokens with the proceeds. This announcement was made in one of the SEC's filings and caused the price of Bitcoin to increase, crossing $29,000. Currently, Bitcoin is trading at $29,019.48, with a 0.57% drop in the past day. Experts predict that the token price will reach $30,786 by August of this year. Bitcoin, Ethereum Shrink; Tradecurve Targets 50x Presale Boost

Ethereum (ETH) Has A New Upgrade In Its List As The Token Trades At $1,835.52

The Ethereum community is focused on enhancing the security and scalability of the platform. The upcoming upgrade, Dencun, which stands for Deneb and Cancun, is expected to benefit Ethereum users.

Dencum will operate on Ethereum Consensus Layer (CL), while Cancun will operate on Ethereum Execution Layer (EL). Developers have shared that Cancun will include 5 EIPs, which will reduce Ethereum fees and improve data storage.

Although the launch date for Dencum has not been fixed, researchers suggest that October will be the optimal time. Ethereum developers are looking to implement a standard contract for the upgrade and plan a deployment scheme. Community members anticipate a rise in the price of Ethereum tokens.

At present, Ethereum tokens are trading at $1,835.52, experiencing a 0.42% increase in a day. However, experts predict that the ETH token may drop to $1,607 in the upcoming months.

Tradecurve Ensures Inclusive And Anonymous Trading

The hybrid trading platform offers a unique investment approach that prioritizes user privacy and security. It also fosters a community-based platform, setting it apart from exchanges like IG and Robinhood in terms of anonymity.

This decentralized platform enables global users to trade a variety of assets, including forex, ETFs, stocks, cryptos, indices, cryptocurrencies, and bonds, all through a single interface. The stock market has recently experienced a sharp rise, with a worldwide market size of $108.23 trillion.

The platform's automated trading feature is a significant benefit to users, allowing them to make faster investments in stocks and other markets.

Creating an account is hassle-free, and users can access all platform features with ease. However, users must link their crypto wallet and select crypto as collateral to begin trading.

During its 5th presale phase, Tradecurve is selling each TCRV token for just $0.025, with market experts predicting a massive 100x price for the token. Once it reaches stage 6, the TCRV will trade at $0.029. With over 17,000 registered users, remaining tokens are selling quickly. Book your tokens today to take advantage of future gains.

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