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Bitcoin Spark: New digital gold above Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Spark: New digital gold above Bitcoin.
Bitcoin Spark: New digital gold above Bitcoin.

Bitcoin’s splendid performance has recorded incredible returns for investors, earning the name “Digital Gold.” The digital asset has widely been known to surpass the performance of all major asset classes, including the NASDAQ, S&P 500, and gold. While gold has been widely regarded as a store of value, the asset has stagnated over the years, causing investors to shift to Bitcoin as the new high-performance asset class. However, the past performance of Bitcoin does not guarantee future performance. Bitcoin has grown to a large market capitalization that may heavily affect investors’ returns in the long run. This is the reason why Bitcoin Spark is becoming popular among Bitcoin investors. Bitcoin Spark: New digital gold above Bitcoin.

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Why is Bitcoin called the ‘Digital Gold

Bitcoin was dubbed the digital gold after recording an impressive market run in 2013. Investors compared the platform’s performance to the valuable physical asset, coming up with various similarities that make the two share the word ‘gold.’ While Bitcoin is capped at a supply of 21 million, gold is difficult to find, mine, and extract from its ore. While gold is regarded as a luxury commodity, Bitcoin is often called the antithesis of modern-day banking systems. These similarities make both assets viable investment vehicles investors use to hedge against inflation.

Bitcoin Spark will outshine Bitcoin in the next bull cycle

While Bitcoin has recorded significant gains in the past, this new Bitcoin alternative has the potential to give record-breaking profits to early investors, making it a viable option than Bitcoin. Bitcoin’s inauguration happened in 2009 when technology was less advanced. A decade later, technology has advanced more, and reforms in the Web3 arena are now paramount. A new entrant called Bitcoin Spark is changing the game of cryptocurrencies by rewriting the BItcoin’s code. The hard fork upgrade is bringing advanced technology in blockchain technology by reshaping how cryptocurrencies work.

Bitcoin Spark is in its infancy, with an ongoing presale in phase 7. The seventh phase offers investors a great offer to buy BTCS tokens at an affordable $3 per token. The presale is almost ending, with a launch price of $10 per token. After the official mainnet launch, Bitcoin Spark developers have implemented measures to maintain price stability. More often, projects that launch without a post-launch price stability strategy experience massive price swings and increased volatility as bulls and bears fight for the first time in the ecosystem.

To reduce the impact of massive sell-offs post-launch, developers at Bitcoin Spark have improvised embedding wallets that received presale tokens directly from the ICO deployer address with a particular line of code that gives the wallets exclusive benefits over ordinary wallets. If the wallet owner does not sell the tokens, these wallets will enjoy a two-fold mining rate for two consecutive years and easily yield thousands of dollars.

This strategy has been set in place to reward early adopters and encourage long-term holding, ensuring the demand for BTCS tokens rises steadily post-launch. Bitcoin Spark is the new ecosystem that Bitcoin investors should participate in.

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