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Blockchain Is Reshaping The Raffle Business

Raffle businesses represent a $366 billion-dollar industry, with experts estimating a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.10% from 2022 to 2028. Should their forecast prove correct, the industry may reach up to $405 billion by 2028.

Unfriendly Competition In The Web2 Raffle Industry

This does not mean smooth sailing for any raffle business. Traditional lottery companies need help in many areas, including player trust and technical framework. Moreover, these legitimate businesses also need to compete with illegal lotteries for players since the latter usually have very attractive grand prizes – without the tax and deductions, of course.

What is more, aspiring lottery businesses have to come up with additional ways to encourage players, especially in jurisdictions that are dominated by large companies. One might even assume that big players are monopolizing the market and that smaller lotteries are being removed from the competition.

As mentioned above, lottery businesses are also noticing an increase in the number of people who are cynical about the raffle results’ integrity. Hence, there is a need for traditional lotteries to develop a decentralized and convenient means for people to check the proof of the integrity of the entire gaming process.

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BillionAir: The Next Generation Of Raffles And Gaming

Thankfully, these pain points are being addressed by new generations of lotteries like BillionAir, a raffle and gaming platform that uses blockchain technology. BillionAir leverages blockchain to provide a provably-fair gaming mechanism that everyone can check, cultivating trust from players and critics alike. The platform also issues digital tickets as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), ensuring undisputable ticket ownership.

BillionAir offers unique features, with most made possible only with blockchain integration. In detail, BillionAir has its own native AIRB token, which provides multiple exclusive utilities. For example, AIRB holders can stake their tokens via BillionAir’s staking systems (liquidity pools, locked staking, etc.), greatly benefiting them with attractive annual percentage yields (APYs). Aside from accruing interest from staking, users can also receive NFT raffle tickets from BillionAir’s Raffle Ticket Staking Pool.

Unlike most traditional raffles, BillionAir allows players to buy multiple tickets depending on their whitelisting tier and gain higher odds of winning by climbing the tiers. To increase the tier, they need to hold more AIRB tokens, which also signifies support for BillionAir and its vision, or play games, invite friends, and complete social tasks.

Aside from raffles, BillionAir is introducing matching games with exciting prizes like wagering arcade games, branded games, and more through our providers.

Prizes can also vary from digital assets, such as coins and NFTs, to physical goods like designer goods and luxury cars, to exclusive passes like concert tickets and invitations to meetings with celebrities.

Team And Partners

The BillionAir ecosystem was developed by seasoned talents, namely Co-Founders Radovan Voda and Radek Pléha. Rahul A R, leading the blockchain and game development; Ihor Medvediv and Bohdan Stavskyi, building sustainable growth and financial strategy; Tomáš Rokos as the lead analytic; and Arthur Iinuma, an industry veteran who has stood alongside many successful projects as the main advisor; and Chainlab partners and advisors Ricardo Barcolari and Giacomo Voltolina. Meanwhile, BillionAir has partnered with Blockchain Legal and SimpleTax & Law to ensure that the platform complies with relevant laws and regulations.

Other noteworthy partnerships include Accubits, LunaPR, Iinuma Consulting partners, BitPay, Car Vault, Chain Lab, BitCars, WaveUp, and Connsio. Since BillionAir is also building on the BSC network, it has the infrastructure support of one of the most stable open-source blockchains in the world.

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How BillionAir Is Reshaping The Raffle Business

BillionAir, with its partners and supporters, is paving the way for the future of the raffle business. The platform’s sound integration of blockchain technology will encourage player confidence on top of providing a user-friendly lottery in which anyone can participate, regardless of their current location.

The lottery industry is ready for change, marked by high gameplay integrity and ownership assurance. Once other raffle businesses have caught wind of BillionAir’s advantages, many will begin integrating blockchain technology into their platform and reap the benefits of this fantastic innovation.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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