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BTC20 Presale Live: $1 Bitcoin & Stake-to-Earn Rewards.

BTC20 Presale Live: $1 Bitcoin & Stake-to-Earn Rewards.
BTC20 Presale Live: $1 Bitcoin & Stake-to-Earn Rewards.

BTC20 is a project that merges the mechanics of Bitcoin with the Ethereum blockchain. The presale is now available for everyone to participate in and take advantage of. This unique opportunity has an innovative stake-to-earn rewards mechanism that is attracting investors who believe that the presale's end will cause a surge in price due to a massive supply shock. If you are interested in investing, this could be a great opportunity for you.

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BTC20 Presale Live: $1 Bitcoin & Stake-to-Earn Rewards. BTC20 Presale Goes Live, Sending Everybody Back to 2011

BTC20's presale is now live, offering everyone the chance to invest in the "new Bitcoin" for just $1. BTC20 is an ERC-20 version of Bitcoin that operates on the Ethereum blockchain. The project has launched a verified staking contract that releases BTC20 tokens in line with the original Bitcoin block rewards schedule. Staking BTC20 allows everyone to earn a percentage of these rewards through an environmentally friendly proof-of-stake mining mechanism. BTC20 Presale Live: $1 Bitcoin & Stake-to-Earn Rewards.

The presale is a tribute to the early days of Bitcoin, when it was priced at $1 and had a circulating supply of 6.05 million BTC. The presale will sell 6.05 million BTC20 tokens at a price of $1 in two phases. The first phase will sell 3 million BTC20 tokens, with a soft cap of $3 million. Once the soft cap is reached, another 3.05 million BTC20 tokens will be available for a hard cap of $6.05 million.

The funds raised during the presale will support future development, marketing, and strategic partnerships. The total supply of BTC20 is 21 million, which pays homage to the original BTC. After the presale, a minimum of 14.95 million BTC20 tokens will be locked into the staking contract, with any additional unsold BTC20 tokens also being locked there. As a result, the entire BTC20 ecosystem will be community-driven, with no fear of a potential rug-pull.

BTC20 – Bitcoin But With the Upgraded Features of Ethereum like Stake-to-Earn

BTC20 is a cryptocurrency that has a unique Stake-to-Earn feature, which rewards stakers every time a block is found on the original Bitcoin blockchain. This mechanism releases a certain number of BTC20 tokens, and the more BTC20 staked, the higher the rewards earned. The staking contract will release the tokens in line with the Bitcoin block schedule, ensuring rewards for the next 120 years. The goal of this ecosystem is to create a community-driven platform where the collective actions of stakers help drive all investors' prosperity. As stakers lock their tokens in the BTC20 staking contract, the supply is removed from free circulation, essentially removing them from the open market. Experts predict that this will cause a huge supply shock in the market, making it difficult for new investors to buy BTC20 from the open market, which could force the value of the token to skyrocket. Over 71.2% of the BTC20 supply is already locked in the staking contract, and this figure is likely to increase as more BTC20 holders stake their tokens. Therefore, stakers earn simultaneously through the BTC20 rewards and the increasing value of the BTC20 token. BTC20 is built on the Ethereum blockchain, which makes it easy to use. Holders can use their regular MetaMask wallets or ERC-20-compliant service for decentralized self-custody. Additionally, this opens the door for expanded BTC20 utility through a series of dApps and services. Overall, this staking mechanism incentivizes long-term participation and reinforces the community spirit behind the project.

Presale Underway: Only Opportunity to Buy BTC20 at $1

The presale for BTC20 has begun, offering a chance to purchase it at $1. Due to limited supply from staking, experts anticipate the price of BTC20 to rise significantly once it enters exchanges. Jacob Bury, a popular YouTube analyst, is already forecasting 10x returns upon launch. The presale has a hard cap of $6.05 million and is expected to sell out quickly. Anyone can invest at the same $1 price during the presale, but with a small supply, this opportunity is likely to last only a few days. Therefore, it's advisable to act quickly to take advantage of this second chance to buy Bitcoin at $1.

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